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== Re: Pictures and layout ==
Yes, pictures are tricky! Your last edit works better than mine (tough to admit it...). I'll try to remember the <tt><nowiki>&lt;br clear="all"&gt;</nowiki></tt> command, it seems useful &mdash; perhaps better than a table, as a table is a bit trickier to sort out structur-wise while editing an unfamiliar page.
<font color="green"> Hi Suf. Tables do give you a bit more flexibility as to the placement of the image, though,  which may well be an advantage if you are using images as part of a step-by-step tutorial.
<font color="blue">Sure, no problems. :-)  /SUF</font>
== Suggested template for intros ==
Hi Gale,
Playing around again, I created a template that produces the "page introduction" formatting (text on blue background plate). The template is [[Template:Intro]], where it is actually used recursively(!). I have tested it on [[Test:Suf]] just to check that it works.
* I used what appears to be your latest intro style.
* Several paragraphs of text can apparently be supplied!
* Any equal signs used in the text means that the {{shortcut|1=1=}} prefix has to be used.
* Embedding one intro in another did not work...
Unless there are problems I have not foreseen, using this template would save a little typing (not that important), reduce the risk of copy-paste mistakes but also make it easier to change the formatting of intros, should it be necessary.
== Updated Intro template ==
Hi again Gale,
I added a second parameter to [[Template:Intro]], have a look at the template page and at the test page.

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