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Page deletions


I see You have indeed deleted several of the pages I have tagged as candidates for deletion. In some instances, however, You have only deleted the "Talk:" page, but left the corresponding main page with the "Candidate for deletion" tag still on it (see e.g. AboveNormal and Selection Bar). I might assume that this is a mistake, and thus that the main page should have been deleted too, but You might also have intended to keep the main page and just forgot to delete the tag.

Could You please rectify this, or perhaps just leave a message about Your intentions on my talk page, so I can do it.

Suf 01:08, 9 July 2007 (PDT)

Templates; "About this Wiki"

Hi again!

Yes, both pages of a set (main and talk), apparently have to be deleted separately. (The template I copied used a parameter for giving the deletion rationale,displaying it in the "red box", but it seems not to work on this installation so I had to forgo it using the Talk: page instead...)

Well, I think it should be OK to replace the "deletion template" with a "candidates for deletion" page as you suggested. Connected to that is a thought I harbored for a few days now:

Should a separate part of the Wiki, anchored e.g. on the Community portal (which is not used for anything useful right now), be dedicated to descriptions and "projects" about the Wiki itself? Then pages like the one you suggest could go there.

On a side note: Do you now why the Audacity Forum appears to be down? I only get a "No forums can be displayed" message since a couple of days. Also the supposed Feature Request System has been down every time I have ever tried to access it.

Suf 12:21, 9 July 2007 (PDT)