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Tweaking; Code template

Hi again!

I made a quick stab at a Template:Code. It works pretty well, but I see two, small problems:

  • I think the red text makes it look a bit too much like a "dead link" (Wiki auto formatting for links to non-existant internal pages).
  • Templates do not like equal signs (and there may be other problems), so a little workaround is necessary som time (see Test:Suf).

I also unified the descriptive texts of Template:Code and Template:Menu.

Suf 10:40, 17 July 2007 (PDT)

Suggested/possible templates


As you have seen I have played around with possible templates. One, the Template:Menu, is now "finished", in the sense that I think it is useful. It should simplify formatting text with the green background used for "menu" items and Audacity commands in general.

The other templates (as tested on the page Test:Suf) I am less certain about. The Template:Intro could possibly be useful, and then again, perhaps not.

I will soon be gone two weeks, so I leave it to you and the other active editors to judge if they are of any use, and take appropriate action (use, change or delete!).