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Here is an update on the 'equal signs in URL' business:

I have confirmed (by reading the manual  - ouch, that hurt...) that one of the problems with templates is that they are not immediately happy with equal signs in the parameters. The equal sign is used for assigning values to named parameters and/or in any order, but the effect can be overridden. Here is an example:

{{external|[ video tutorials on using Audacity]}}

includes equal signs, confusing the parser, and will produce the erroneous



{{external|1=[ video tutorials on using Audacity]}}

by starting the string with 1= says something like 'set parameter one to the following string' and will produce

video tutorials on using Audacity 

Likewise the pipe character is restricted, see the manual 

NB: that the same problem occured for the invocation of the Menu template above!

// Suf 10:27, 2 September 2007 (PDT)