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|style="width:20%;"|[https://forum.audacityteam.org/viewforum.php?f=20 Suggest Features] and<br>[[Reporting Bugs|Report Bugs]]  

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Bugzilla Experiments

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Fixed Since March

IDPSummary (223 tasks)
947P1Many built-in, Nyquist, LADPSA and LV2 effects fail with validation errors in many non-English locales.
1203P1Mac OS X: Clicking in most upper dock toolbars or in the Timeline removes focus.
933P1Generate Menu non-functional on first installation.
1096P1Crash changing view in Track Dropdown menu when zoomed in to sample level.
1143P1Progress dialogues only show progress bar, sometimes time elapsed/remaining and sometimes the buttons.
1087P1Moonphase failure to launch Audacity if audacity.cfg has tempdir set to /tmp/audacity1.2.
1221P1Chain asserts (Linux) or causes switch away from Audacity (Windows) on completion.
1318P1Mac: Window close button on an effect loses all focus, requiring force quit
1192P1Adding/Removing effects locks up Audacity.
1011P1Upgraders from 2.1.0 can't see how to add plug-ins or enable disabled built-in effects without scrolling the Effect Menu.
1147P1ASSERT: Freeze when playing project which has labels
918P1Audacity as shipped (without FFmpeg) cannot import MPEG-4 audio
960P1Project Recovery crashes on Drive S:/
1000P1Default View Mode item misnamed in Tracks Preferences
1123P1Crash on Export
1045P1Calf, Tal, Fomp and MDA LV2 generators crash Audacity.
1216P1Crash when "answering" No to exporting with unsupported extension.
1110P1Windows 8.1/10 crash using File > Open, > Import or > Save Project
1032P1WX3: Audacity does not build on Linux with wx3.0.2
1103P1key binding issues
1014P1Scrubbing feature retains non-functional mouse pointers and status bar messages.
1007P1Incorrect URL's in Windows installer
1266P1Failure to write .cfg files when using Virus Checker.
990P1SHIFT to seek during scrub completely unreliable.
1118P1Crash opening valid lame_enc.dll from Libraries Preferences.
1047P1Vocal Reduction and Isolation not being shipped despite reference to it in 2.1.1 Release Notes.
1219P1Clipping hold indicator does not display until stream is stopped.
1034P1Crash in auto-save related code -- unsafe downcast
1344P1Mac: Audacity does not build
1105P1Crash on opening Plot Spectrum
1159P1Sound Activated Recording crashes or Freezes
974P1Register Effects GUI instructions are incorrect.
1271P1Move the Audacity temp dir to a location not scanned by cleanup apps
1088P1Chains: For equalization, clicking edit parameters causes crash
673P1Installer language choice unintuitive to users wanting Audacity in English while Windows is in localised language
1250P1Mac OS X: Left channel tracks produce more than one selected channel in track dropdown menu.
1081P1Equalization settings not saved
1224P1Incorrect zoom level when importing short uncompressed files when import uncompressed warning is turned off
1050P1LV2 plugins from previous version fail to initialize or re-register
977P1No way to disable project scroll/zoom away from zero.
1114P1Multiple use of Repeat Last Effect shortcut on short selections crashes Audacity or requires force quit.
1013P1Multi-Tool: Status Bar binding for Preferences incorrect if includes COMMAND or CTRL modifier (so wrong by default)
1148P1Crashes during play if you use the History window commands
1141P1Keyboard shortcuts active when editing track name
961P1Play cursor broken after double-click scrub play
1006P1Preview with some built-in effects is from time zero if start of project offset from time zero.
953P1WX3: Audacity does not compile if LV2 is enabled in configure.
1117P2Crash when reverb applied or previewed with stereo width = 0
1046P2LADSPA Hard Limiter incorrectly included on Mac
1358P2OS X: Floated toolbars and Screenshot window disappear when Audacity loses focus.
1217P2"Other uncompressed files" exports saved with incorrect extension.
1111P2Export options not operable in Export Multiple
940P2FLAC import and export slower than in 2.1.0.
1340P2Sync-Lock Tracks ignores generated audio.
851P2Track dropdown menu settings may affect other tracks
1172P2After saving a project, focus gets lost
1017P2Disabled built-in effects re-registered on restart.
1296P2Zooming to maximum in longer multi-clip tracks crashes in all clips except the last.
925P2Crash when scrubbing to before zero
1243P2Audacity may open with too small width/height when not maximised on previous close
956P2Scrub play usability issues
898P2Crash closing Track Gain or Pan adjustment box on Mac.
992P2History size calculation incorrect for large amount of data and for reused data.
1120P2Mouse over Format or Rate in track dropdown menu crash
1037P2Minsrc tarball lacks LV2 so will disable it on systems that lack the required developer packages.
1347P2Divide by zero crash on launch with specific audacity.cfg
1213P2Spectrogram Default View Mode misnamed as "Spectrum".
936P2mod-nyq-bench fails to build
1176P2Left-click (non-drag) Snap Guides no longer appear.
1022P2Freezing and Menu corruption when using locales that are not included with OS X.
1306P2Tracks > Align Tracks and > Move Selection when Aligning shortcuts no longer work
1163P2VST: Audiocation Phase crashes when reopened.
1101P2Enabling recording meter before recording gives repeatable crash
930P2Amplify initialises to Preview and OK greyed out.
1272P2Mixdown export shows no progress if one or more tracks are much shorter than the others.
968P2Status bar message for scrubbing refers to old UI
1089P2Spectrogram and Spectrogram log(f) views cannot be selected
1084P2VST: Some effects do not preview the chosen factory or user preset unless it is chosen while playing.
905P2Chains do not use saved settings for LADSPA effects
1226P2Plot Spectrum freezes first time in a project if insufficient samples selected.
980P2Full path required to import/open a file from command-line.
603P2Crash using Undo while dragging sample points
1116P2No metering or waveform during Timer Record.
945P2Registered VST and LADSPA plugins deregistered on rescan.
938P2Audio longer than 2^31 samples is visually corrupted.
1199P2Export multiple by labels when offset tracks exist adds silence to exported files.
1024P2Check for updates fails
765P2Delays using Edit commands and Draw Tool in long projects.
1282P2Tracks > Stereo To Mono is not removed from menu if disabled in Plug-in Manager but is disabled for session and crashes if used.
1094P2FLAC exports include the wrong FLAC version number in header
1086P2Mouse Preferences: Bindings on Mac show Ctrl instead of Command
1242P2Playing audio while Ambience VST is open crashes Audacity.
1128P2Help > Generate Support Data missing
1061P2Chinese (Simplified) missing from Interface Preferences.
948P2Most built-in effects removed after Effect > More... then restart when in Serbian (Cyrillic).
887P2Crash using File > Close on project window when Screenshot Tools is open.
941P2Autoduck: problems with preview
1204P2ASSERT: Crash when pressing both mouse buttons over toolbar buttons
1026P2Nyquist eq-lowshelf fails for low frequency high negative gain
855P2Data loss undoing sample edit while mouse is down
1191P2Gain or pan sliders in all tracks move when playing or recording.
1299P2Track loses focus after applying a Chain to the project.
1097P2Track artist errors caused by new macros in Audacity.h
927P2Amplify does not adjust signal level after Preview
1010P2Plug-In Manager Effects GUI must be used to register some shipped effects including plugins
967P2Unregistered iZotope Vinyl freezes Register Effects, requiring force quit of child process or Audacity.
1122P2Shortcuts do not reassign properly
950P2No longer any way to see just 'New' plug ins that haven't been seen before.
1351P2Meter Refresh Rate of 0 is accepted, which crashes Audacity and prevents it restarting.
1214P2Import Raw Data cannot be used in Polish language.
937P2Mouse use in tracks fails after using keyboard shortcut to stop scrubbing.
1031P2Spectral edit* effects missing from Makefile.am and Makefile.in so don't get installed
1195P2Project window title bar/buttons hidden under the menu bar
931P2M4A and WMA files exported with incorrect extension.
969P2Resuming paused scrubbing causes erratic playhead movement/audio breakup
1090P2Sync-Lock graphics shown in tracks when Sync-Lock is off
922P2Some VST plugins crash/freeze Audacity when playback reaches end of selection
1257P2VST Amplio2: Crash after enabling or in real-time playback.
1085P2Some special keyboard playback commands don't activate
906P2Contrast tool applied when no tracks in project causes crash
1239P2Importing multiple files into new project windows produces waveform, but incorrect length on Timeline.
983P2All "Other uncompressed" exports add WAV extension (AIFF on Mac) regardless of chosen header.
435P3Changing Windows default devices in Audacity session breaks recording or playback until rescan
144P3Lyrics Window makes things slow, when many labels.
1190P3Recording meter flashes into the red beyond the blue maximum level bar
1150P3Multiple export dialog partially disappears in Export Multiple
973P3Initial scrub speed is derived from Transcription Toolbar
965P3Modules are still listed in Modules Preferences after modules are removed.
1072P3Applying Retinizer to Audacity makes the export format choice unusable.
949P3Freeze Track-Control-Panel-dragging a track from bottom to top of a project containing many tracks
1048P3Spectral Selection Toolbar cannot set an undefined frequency.
892P3Spectral Selection Toolbar forces selection below half the project rate
1374P3Force MP3 export to mono doesn't remove stereo mixdown warning.
1113P3Shift special (non-alpha) characters not produced in labels
760P3VST (OS X) some effects no longer accept type or paste input in presets drop-down.
1254P3Current label focus lost when closing Label Editor
952P3VAMP: Can't input values using text boxes.
1057P3Minsrc tarball contains a superfluous (but harmless) .deps folder.
895P3Unable to select high pass or low pass with Spectral Selection Toolbar
884P3Plot Spectrum: Can't change values without losing focus.
1357P3Pasting in effect controls does not update linked controls, sliders or linked OK/Preview.
870P3TAL VST (but not other VST's) crashes if previewing built-in effect
52P3Truncate Silence should cater for the common use case of per-track operation.
1171P3Mod-nyq-bench release build does not load on Windows
1149P3Right Click Delete Label no longer works
1142P3imported presets for custom FFmpeg import overwrite existing presets without warning
962P3Scrubbing gesture during recording places Audacity in scrubbing mode when recording stops
609P3Bugs in configure progress and final output when enabling other than libsoxr
879P3RTP effects do not respect "Select all if none" preference
934P3Loading effects removes the Audacity Menu Bar under GNOME.
1173P3Focus is lost after a nyquist warning/error dialog closes
759P3SPACE cannot be used/may crash in context menus that have a checkbox.
1136P3The default setting for Export Audio to MP3 is 8 kbps
902P3WX3: Experimental wx3 version of Audacity potentially in Linux distros, and not obvious to users.
996P3History size calculation wrong for 24-bit data
883P3Contrast: "Move forward or backward thru active windows" does not refocus Contrast.
334P3Crash closing project window between save project dialogues
869P3RTP effect Play/Stop button remains deactivated after built-in preview ends
1327P3Undo Metadata Tags does not work
1023P3LADSPA-swh plugins dependent on libfftw3f-3.dll fail to initialize.
763P3FFmpeg Custom Export: Crashes importing presets.
1275P3No preview in Spectral edit effects.
1060P3Repeat effect fails when set to repeat once.
896P3Custom FFmpeg Export: Imported presets do not load.
607P3LADSPA generate plug-ins fail when white space selected
886P4Some strings in Noise Reduction are not translated
872P4LV2 generators fail if no audio is selected
1025P4DLL Effects in Plug-Ins that are moved from New to Disabled are still listed in New.
1313P4Inconsistency in naming of Metadata Tags editor.
1104P4Incorrect playback of stereo tracks when channels different lengths
776P4Track Dropdown Menu does not open with SHIFT + M shortcut.
1008P4Amplify effect should not have a "Factory default" and User defaults are dangerous
1267P4Accessibility: some panels used for graphics are included in tab traversal
914P4Shift + Click on Timeline does not play looped from clicked position
643P4Residual consistency issues with SHIFT showing Loop Play button icon.
1130P4Export Multiple adds trailing silence if labels and multiple tracks
976P43BandEQ, 3BandSplitter and Ping Pong Pan do not restore user presets
513P4Contrast tool fails if selection is beyond the end of a previous track
943P4Change Tempo: new length is incorrect after preview and change in tempo
881P4Status Bar messages incorrect.
285P4"Specify MP3 Options" lacks a mono export choice
1027P4Incorrect error message in Spectral effects.
1108P4Unhelpful error message in "Spectral Edit" effects when Spectral Editing disabled.
812P4Horizontal scrollbar position is persistent but vertical is not
704P4Timeline arrowheads to create play region at cursor prevent click play and don't play on releasing drag.
1140P4Dialog title for custom FFmpeg export could be improved
385P4Quick play intuitiveness and safety
1337P4No Undo Metadata Tags entry when metadata is changed during export or import.
1189P4Noise Reduction: New default produce more damage than previous default
932P4Play-buttons-activated Play Cut Preview wrongly mapped to CTRL
844P4Most shortcuts that activate play abort recording
1312P4Description message is wrong in Leveller
970P4Spectrogram colors vary with resizing of track
746P4COMMAND + click (or drag) to Play Cut Preview does not function.
954P4Commit Id hyperlink does not open the browser.
897P4Time ruler is not redrawn for zoom or horizontal scroll when play region is locked
1364P4Analyze Contrast measures absolute silence as -60 dB
472P4Upper case .NY extension not recognised on case-sensitive systems
1112P4The integrated export options truncate at the right for Quality and Variable Speed
271P4Sliding Time Scale lacks a Preview button
1317P4Description message is confusing in Analyze>Find Clipping
1021P4"Builtin" in the Manage Effects etc GUI should be hyphenated as "built-in"
797P4Export options should ideally have 32-bit exports listed
1144P4Typing track name while label is selected enters text into label
915P4Audacity creates a folder called Plug-Ins
957P4Incorrect rollover text for Spectral Selection Toolbar
894P4Spectral Selection cannot be turned off
518P4Click-to-see-slider-value tooltips unreadable
944P4GSM 6.10 WAV is too high in the Export Audio>Save as type: dropdown
1109P4Track control panel menu: Shift-M acts like Shift-M, M
1182P4Opening and closing windows from Export Audio dialogue puts that dialogue on top, could incur force quit.
836P4Ctrl+click in the empty gray space can now invoke a Quick-Play
1311P4Description message is ungrammatical in Normalize
1168P4Unclear column header in Extended Import Preferences
1102P4key binding column not shown in keyboard preference dialog
709P4Keyboard preferences: incorrect reading of Search box label
1126P4Ctrl+R key binding not shown in Effect menu and inoperative
1033P5Swap stereo channels command loses the track focus
752P5Snap guideline does not always disappear after mouse-up
859P5Green play indicator does not draw correctly during very short loop plays
924P5scrubbing can be activated from gray space
913P5Clicking beyond end of audio on Timeline sets invalid play position
1039P51 is not bold on Spectrogram log f ruler

IDPSummary (41 tasks)
961P1Play cursor broken after double-click scrub play
1028P2Spectral edit effects work or don't work on hidden spectral selections in Spectrogram* views, depending on platform.
1225P2Importing a file causes exports to default to wrong extension.
1116P2No metering or waveform during Timer Record.
1024P2Check for updates fails
403P3Only one "audacity.exe" can be added to Explorer "Open with"
1146P3Artist and Year metadata is not exported or imported in FFmpeg 2.2.2
692P3OS X 10.5.8 PPC: Splash Screen and Log are disabled and unmovable.
333P3Libsamplerate: Progress dialogue hangs or Audacity segfaults when resampling ratio exceeds libsamplerate limits
1080P3Scrubbing playhead is moved when adjusting the playback (or recording) slider in Mixer toolbar
994P3Clicking in active/inactive toolbar areas affects scrub in unexpected ways.
1029P3Changing min and max frequencies in spectrogram prefs causes scale to change but track is not redrawn
1150P3Multiple export dialog partially disappears in Export Multiple
1142P3imported presets for custom FFmpeg import overwrite existing presets without warning
1149P3Right Click Delete Label no longer works
1246P4Find Zero Crossing not greyed out during play, record or pause.
1185P4The Custom FFmpeg options dialog can appear underneath the Export Audio dialog
995P4Reopen Bug 855 - Data loss undoing sample edit while mouse is down
921P4Pause button activates when first starting monitoring
1280P4Users are confused by the plug-in manager GUI
1127P4File format inconsistency Export Audio/selected versus Export Multiple
1380P4The version no in the "Welcome to Audacity" is terminated with an exclamation mark
817P4seeking and scrubbing refinements
364P4Switch from libidtag to taglib?
1177P4No hover-text in Custom FFmpeg export
909P4Noise Reduction settings not in chains
1259P4Assert when closing Metadata Editor after editing Genre value
512P4Contrast tool gives incorrect error message on Reset
1194P4Audacity Website Download>Plug-ins and libraries is out of date and incorrect
1124P4Export Multiple defaults to AIFF on Windows and Linux
1372P4Analyze>Contrast Help button goes to alpha Manual
796P4The order of the export formats presented to the user in the dropdown is far from logical
358P4Corrupt cfg can cause choppy playback
1157P4Change Speed Preview stops early when speeding up.
975P43BandEQ and 3BandSplitter do not restore user presets
863P4Gray button alongside "Left Channel" in Track Dropdown Menu - for stereo track
1140P4Dialog title for custom FFmpeg export could be improved
1211P5Unhelpful error message in "Spectral Edit" effects when Spectral Editing disabled
1228P5Redundant duplicate MO files.
292P5MacPorts FFmpeg libraries are 64-bit, so Audacity does not support them
924P5scrubbing can be activated from gray space


P1/P2 Bugs Outstanding right now (live table)

no bugzilla tickets were found


no bugzilla tickets were found


no bugzilla tickets were found


P4 (24)

Audio Skips

Need to make this into an article, but no time yet. Anyone else is welcome to.

    • James:17 Feb 11 It sounds like an interaction issue to me, and to do with software that streams audio taking more resources, or possibly audio running 'on different cores'. Anyway, the bit that alerts me is that Audacity does not detect skips, i.e. when it fails to service portaudio frequently enough, and at some point I need to do something about that - at least understand what our status is. These are scrappy notes for myself. If you are making head or tail of them that's a bonus.
      • Gale:19 Feb 11 Skips have always been a problem, but generally far less than they used to be as computers and even external storage gets faster. If Audacity detects skips, what should it do - increase the buffer, increase the blocksize? In the old days, most skips occurred at the point where Audacity wrote the blockfile. That I assume isn't relevant to John if he still gets skips with Audio Cache on, but it would be interesting to know if other recording software like Windows Sound Recorder behaved any better. Generally Win7 and Vista are very "busy" OS'es that seem to do a lot of housekeeping in the background by default like making backup copies of files.
    • James:21 Feb 11 Skips on recording are serious, and by default should be signalled to the user. Not an 'abandon recording' but a note on the status bar and a log message on ending or pausing recording. Could always have a "don't show this again" tick box.

From John Smit:

Without an internal facility for changing priority, I use PsExec, one of the Windows Sysinternals Suite (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb897553) to set the priority of Audacity. The shortcut below works for me:

C:\Windows\System32\PsExec.exe -d -high "D:\Program Files (x86)\Audacity 1.3 Beta (Unicode)\audacity.exe"

This has reduced (but not eliminated) my audio skips.

Funny thing is, some internet sites never skip, like LastFM; others occasionally, like WQXR.org; some very often, like http://classicalsouthflorida.publicradio.org/radio/playlist/.

I have two 3Ghz quad core Windows 7 machines with 4GB ram and 7200rpm 64MB cache hard disks, and also use the "audio cache to Ram" setting (that helped some), and 7 Mbps DSL service - so I don't think the skip problem is hardware related.

Thanks for a great (and free) program.

Pre-emptive Blocks

Users who create an account and then don't edit anything - I am now regarding as suspicious. I also regard it as suspicious having a number on a user name when no number is needed. Statistically these users overwhelmingly never create anything of use.

My pre-emptive blocks might piss off a few real users. If so, and if they really are serious, perhaps they will complain by other channels. We will see. It's an experiment.

Gale: 09Feb11 -1. I am certainly not going to pre-emptively block users, even if we had the time to do it, though I understand you've just had to clean a lot of spam (thanks). I assume the "number" on the username is to match an e-mail address.

Punishing legitimate users (however unlikely they may post) is just telling spammers they won. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think the "problem" of users registering and not posting just appears to be worse than it was because user creations did not used to show by default in Recent Changes. I think if we want to restrict new users (which I don't) or address spam (of course) we want to do it properly with a mod, not like this. Please respond.

I was dubious about doing it myself. Consider the experiment over. James 20:50, 9 February 2011 (UTC)
Gale: Thanks. Sorry if I was forceful. I think we need to consider the possibility of a major attack happening though. Clearly some bots can read CAPTCHAS - we know that from the Forum. And sadly for the amount of really useful edits we get here, we could almost have the "apply for an account" system that we have on the Manual.
James: Not too forceful - comment was fine. I would like to have had a big lock down button that bureaucrats can press that disables new account creation for a while - and says please apply for an account. Anyway, let's see how the spam goes. My take on it is if the volume of spam is greater than the volume of useful new content, we should at least consider switching to "apply for an account".
Peter 10Feb11:I too note the large numbers of users who register and never post. Could we automate a process whereby somebody who registers for an account and then doesn't post within a specific period of time (a week, a month say)then their account gets deleted/de-activated? The only real reason for creating an a/c is to be able to contribute to the Wiki. I agree with James that it could be good to move to an account application process like we do with the manual - though that could put off the folk who register just to add a few quick votes to the FR pages.
Gale: 17Feb11: I discussed this with Buanzo a while ago on Wiki Development Checklist i.e. there is a shell script to prune unused accounts but the time period it works on wasn't clear. As on the Forum, I wouldn't be happy with deleting users unless they've been inactive for a couple of years, so it would be a tidying exercise rather than spam protection. There may be other solutions out there now - I haven't looked. As for FRs, James and I have come to the view it takes less time to clear up mess if we don't encourage people who e-mail a suggestion to come to the Wiki and vote. That's partly an indictment of not having a better voting system I think, but that's how it is now.


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I'm experimenting with a new organisation for the front page of Audacity Wiki. It's based on Blender wiki front page:


They use MediaWiki too, but are using .css to style it.

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I've just made a try to help improving the sorting of the feature requests and I'd like to have your opinion. If it's ok for you, I'll be able to adapt the actual feature request page. There will be no need for the highest rated section. --Djiboun 08:48, 2 October 2010 (UTC)