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I'm experimenting here with a new organisation for the front page of Audacity Wiki. It's based on Blender wiki front page:

They use MediaWiki too, but are using .css to style it. This should mean we don't need to mix table formatting code in with the hierarchically organised topics.


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Audacity ® is free, award-winning  open source software for recording and editing sound. It runs on Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux and other operating systems.

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Brief overview Audacity features stable and Beta versions

digitizing records and tapessplitting recordings into separate tracksmulti-track mixing podcasting, making ringtones removing vocalsexporting to iTunes or iPod

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Tips Effects navigating aligning selecting audio playback changing languages file management installing LAME for MP3 export sending audio to others ... Recording Tips troubleshooting recording problems Mixer Toolbar help Recovering data after a crash Keyboard shortcuts help for blind users Portable Audacity

Windows Vista Mac Linux OS/2 DMA mode

Digital audio basics ASIO bit depth sample rates Sound Devices USB turntables Plug-ins LADSPA Nyquist VST develop your own plug-in

CDs importing burning WAV AIFF FLAC MP2 MP3 OGG how to import files from iTunes M4A/M4P

Software for specific tasks audio restoration creating drum tracks Recommended audio software Windows Mac Linux/Unix comparisons with Audacity Audio file processing services


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