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Gale 26Jun08, 19:31 UTC: Michael, unless you have good reason such as a shaky power supply/internet connection, please can you not save every minor edit, as this then swamps Recent Changes. Use "Show Preview" instead. Thanks a lot.

  • Mchinen 13:53, 26 June 2008 (PDT)Will try to do this. But every time I add a small feature or fix a bug I want to write about it. Is this abusing the wiki? If I click "this is a minor edit," I wonder if it'll go away? Lets see..
  • Gale 27Jun08, 05:35 UTC: Hi Michael, no if you click "minor edit" all I think it does is mark the edit as "minor" in Recent Changes. A user can choose in their Preferences to hide minor edits in the Recent Changes, but we would not want to do that because a spammer could then mark their edits as "minor" and not get seen.
    Many of your saved edits are only a minute or two apart. What I'm suggesting is if you have a ten minute session in which you make four edits, Preview those edits and save once only. If you want to come back 30 minutes later to confirm another bug you fixed, and need to make three edits to do it, preview those edits and save once. Even then, it might be better to keep a local draft document, change it as often as you like then add it to the Wiki when done. Safer too, if you are concerned about losing your edits due to a flaky connection. We want progress updates, but not necessarily every 30 minutes. One every four hours will do fine :=) Thanks.