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File (line) Comment Analysis
AudacityApp.cpp(706): MRUOpen(name); // FIX-ME: Check the return result? In disabled code.
AudacityApp.cpp(761): // That itself may be a FIX-ME. OpenFile should return a status, and that status should be checked.
BatchCommands.cpp(437): // FIX-ME: No error reporting on write file failure in batch mode. Only affects batch mode.
BatchCommands.cpp(522): //FIX-ME: for later versions may want to not select-all in batch mode. But it is OK at the moment.
DirManager.cpp(843): // FIX-ME: Might we get here without midkey having been set? Indeed. That would be worrying. This function rebalances directory trees and needs very close scrutiny. Possibly it's behind Bug 137.
Menus.cpp(1334): // FIX-ME: So we have a memory leak of menu items under linux? Oops. It's not clear why windows needs to delete these menus and linux does not.
Project.cpp(2268): // FIX-ME? This should return a result that is checked. OpenFile should return a status.
Project.cpp(2355): //FIX-ME: //v Surely we could be smarter about this, Coding style poor, but not apparently erroneous.
Resample.cpp(183): // FIX-ME: Audacity will hang after this if branch. Serious, but only active if USE_LIBSAMPLERATE
TrackPanel.cpp(4813): // FIX-ME: Disable this and return true when CutLines aren't showing? Performance - mouse moves would be quicker with this fix.
TrackPanel.cpp(5175): //FIX-ME: Not necessarily. Haven't checked Track::Note (#if defined(USE_MIDI)). MIDI and multi-tool mode probably don't get along because of this.
WaveTrack.cpp(2118): // FIX-ME: The track is now in an inconsistent state... Looks serious, if using multiple sample rates.
effects\NoiseRemoval.cpp(193): // FIX-ME: Should we check return value on Write? Cleanspeech profile does not flag error if can't write file.
export\ExportFFmpegDialogs.cpp(430): // FIX-ME: Catch XMLFileWriterException Writing presets does not check for file error.
export\ExportFFmpegDialogs.cpp(447): // FIX-ME: Catch XMLFileWriterException Reading presets does not check for file error.
widgets\Ruler.cpp(692): // FIX-ME: We don't draw a tick if of end of our label arrays Very minor.
widgets\Ruler.cpp(752): // FIX-ME: we shouldn't even get here if strPos < 0. Minor. Worst outcome if there is a problem would be missing ticks.
widgets\Ruler.cpp(804): // FIX-ME: We don't draw a tick if of end of our label arrays Cut and pasted code.
widgets\Ruler.cpp(866): // FIX-ME: we shouldn't even get here if strPos < 0. Cut and pasted code.
widgets\Ruler.cpp(981): // FIX-ME: Surely we do not need to allocate storage for the labels? Custom ruler annotation looks mildly expensive in terms of mallocs / frees.