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{{Hint|1='''Gale 18 Jul 11:''' I've suggested a somewhat more economical alternative with a more manageable intro with placeholders for your Nyquist links plus links in the headers. I think the TOC helps on the whole. It may be possible to hack the TOC to only display the plug-in category headers.<p>Have you decided whether to link to the individual plug-in descriptions? At its simplest, just add <b>[[Nyquist Effect Plug-ins#</b> in front of the plug-in name and <b>|<name of plug-in>]]</b> behind it. I might even volunteer as my word processor has a very good find and replace.</p>
<p>'''Steve 20 Jul 11:''' I tried using links to each plug-in, but it looked over-the-top repetition as there is already a TOC on each download page. Also, I think it's better to link to the download page rather than directly to the plug-in so that visitors can see any information at the top of the download page before downloading. I'm thinking that it may even be better to link to the top of the page rather than to the TOC. However, if you disagree I'll bow to your greater experience.<br>
I like the more economical version, and I've added "Regular interval audio splitter" and "Plug-in authors".<br>
Does this page need anything else before going live?
<p>'''Gale 24Jul11:''' About the links, I agree that linking to the top of each Nyquist Plug-ins page is much better than to its TOC (done). I still think linking each plug-in to its description section is preferable (quicker if you just want one specific plug-in). To mitigate any loss of information from this, I put all Audacity version information in the hint in the "Plug-in Lists" section, and noted which menu each category of plug-in should appear in. I don't think it makes it too long.</p><p>I also wonder if some of the links e.g. to xlisp / sal docs are really in context/appropriate here. Instead I've trimmed to two "programmers'" links (from which Manuals can be found) and two links to the Forum. I don't really think [[Nyquist Audio Programming]] is ready to link to for a beginner. Let me know if you disagree.</p>
<p>'''Steve 24Jul11:''' I'm happy with the '''Related article(s):''' as they now are.<br>
I agree that links to individual plug-ins would be a bit easier if you just want one specific plug-in, but I don't see any easy way of doing that with my editor, so if you're still happy to volunteer then please do.</p>
<p>'''Steve 26Jul11:''' I've done the links. Is this ready to go live now?</p>
<p>'''Steve 28Jul11:''' Added the list of current plug-ins and gone live with it. Feel free to revert if you think it's not ready.</p>
<p>'''Gale 28Jul11:''' Thanks for beating me to doing the links. Yes the live page is fine, I just made a couple of minor tweaks. </p>

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