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A recent comment from someone building Audacity on Linux about the documentation (on the wiki) "Lack of clarity/correctness in the docs for building Audacity."

I'm inclined to agree that this area of documentation needs attention and possibly restructuring. Some suggestions that I'd like to raise for discussion:

1) People that are building Audacity from source may not be developers. This is particularly the case on Linux where some users may want to build Audacity because it is not included in their distribution's repository, or the version that is available is too old and buggy or has other problems. In addition to the links on the wiki home page "Guide for New Audacity Developers" and "Guide for Audacity Hackers" it may be useful to have a link to a start page for "Compiling Audacity". That page could be an overview of building Audacity from source, with alternatives such as installing pre-built nightly builds and also link to the existing pages "CompilingAudacityForBeginners", "Developer Guide", "Developing On Windows", "Developing On Mac" and "Developing On Windows".

2) As there is no development work on Audacity 1.2.x and building Audacity 1.2.x requires installing many obsolete packages, the documentation could be simplified by removing all references to building Audacity 1.2.x. If it is considered necessary to keep some documentation about building Audacity 1.2.x it could be demoted to a page on its own, but personally I think that it could just be removed.

3) Suitable versions of WxWidgets are available as packages for most Linux distributions. Building a suitable version of WxWidgets is often the part that users have difficulty with, so I think that instructions for building WxWidgets should be given as a "last resort" method of obtaining WxWidgets.

4) On Windows I think we need a step by step procedure that works for the current Audacity source code on a clean Windows installation (if that is possible). There are too many "see the instructions here..." type comments. While becoming "comfortable with Microsoft's free Visual Studio C++ Express" is important for a developer it is not important for someone that just wants to build Audacity. The priority for most users is just to get a working Audacity.