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Hi Suf

I see we're both slipping into using {{shortcut}} for emphasising text that needs to be typed e.g. </nowiki> though we're telling others not use templates for non-intended purposes. So I think we have to either state this is an acceptable usage of {{shortcut}} ; or simply bolden the text; or create another template for general text emphasis. On the whole I prefer to use {{shortcut}} only for shortcuts, and think another template is possibly best, at least for power users. If we had another template I have in mind a (not too light) blue in keeping with the site e.g.

"You need to type <nowiki> </nowiki> for this to work."

This might work better e.g. to emphasise Pause in that "splitting recordings" tutorial.

This is an alternative lighter background:

"You need to type <nowiki> </nowiki> for this to work."

Is this important enough to justify another template? It's only a simple one, so would not take long.