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The 'What is That?' audacity web page is an interactive help page. It ALSO can be used to generate images and templates for the manual.

Data Entry

Data is in the orange boxes in top left of diagram

To update data, enter it in this wiki, using these pages:

  • WIT Audacity Menus - You have a choice between editing the menus directly in wiki, or going to Audacity and using GetInfo to get the current menu information.
  • WIT Audacity Tooltips - The short descriptions are used as tooltips. The long descriptions are used as descriptions in the auto generated tables. If a long description starts with '+' that's a shorthand for saying it starts with the short description.
  • WIT Audacity Extra Shortcuts - These are the optional extra shortcuts.

WIT uses Javascript

WIT uses javascript


  • Can bypass the cloudflare cache.
    • For example, updates to WIT Audacity Menus immediately affect the menus shown in the main image.
  • Flexible and responsive.
    • Javascript is required for the mouse over effects.
    • Javascript is required for the dynamic bug list.
  • Faster
    • We can fetch all 57 menu images from WIT fast, clicking on the browser button. The same images require 57 requests to wiki to fetch using the mw2html script.


  • No good for the local manual.
    • Local manual needs images, it can't draw them on demand.
  • Bad for SEO
    • Google understands ordinary wiki, but javascript content can be 'invisible' for indexing.
  • Javascript varies slightly on different browsers, so may not work correctly on less used browsers.

From Data to Manual


How image maps, images and tables in the alphamanual are updated.

WIT 'Boss Mode'

WIT produces the contents of the green boxes in the diagram.

To get into boss mode on WIT,

  1. Go to WIT using Chrome browser, and hold down shift and press the Special   button at top right.
  2. Tick 'Enable annotation-capture mode'

Now click about on the menus in the image of Audacity to get to the menu you want, and then click Current   to download it. If you want all menu images at once, click All .

Other buttons generate the tables and templates. The downloaded results will all appear in your Chrome download folder.

Automation in Audacity

Audacity can produce some of the other things (blue)

  • The Screenshot Tool produces all the Preference Images and EGA images.
  • The menu item Extra->Scriptables II->GetInfo with 'Commands' selected generates the (orange) WIT menu page directly from data about menus held within Audacity.
  • Audacity scripts in Python can produce many track Images. You can see them here

Wiki bot

Wiki bot can ease upload of many files

  • Wiki bot is the 'have a cup of coffee' python script that uploads images to the manual.

Automated Purple

The manual steps in purple could be automated

I'm working on automating the purple steps. You can see some work in progress here:

  • Widget:Tabular has the three tables, scripting, keybinding and prefs.
    • They are dynamic. Updating the orange source files and these will update.
  • Widget:MenuTest has all the menus image mapped.
    • The image map is dynamic, so tooltips will update, if you update the tooltip text.
    • The images are not dynamic. They are stored in WIT.

Already the images are easier to handle than in wiki. There is no need for the go-and-have-a-coffee script to update them. I can update them all locally (using the WIT get-all-menu-images button) and then copy them over to WIT website with a single 'push'. They will then update at the next 12 noon after the push.

I'm working on making the images easier still. I plan to use the menu javascript drawing code in WIT to draw these images rather than fetching already drawn copies from WIT.

Avoiding the Cons

Method 1

We could adjust the python mw2html script so that it fetches menu images and tables from WIT, and places those into the local menu. This would:

  • Be faster than fetching the images one by one.
  • Solve the problem of no javascript in local copies of the manual.

Method 2

We could re-write mw2html in javascript and host it at WIT. This would:

  • Make fetching a copy of the manual very easy and very fast.
    • This removes the need for the python script.
  • Solve the problem of no javascript in local copies of the manual.

Method 3

We could use the new dynamic pages to check our work. We could then have a single textual page created by WIT to update all tables and images in manual wiki. This would:

  • Turn the purple updates into a single step of mandraulically updating ONE special page in the manual.
  • Give us previews of the changes, immediately, even when the mandraulic step has not been done.
  • Solve the SEO problem (methods 1 and 2 do not)
  • Require no change in mw2html.
  • Solve the problem of no javascript in local copies of the manual.


Method 3 is what we go for. We could later add method 2 as well, as that makes collecting the manual a little easier/faster.