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{{ednote|1=Info from Trebor, triaged by Gale, that can be incorporated into this page (add those plugins not already listed).
{{ednote|1=Info from Trebor, triaged by Gale, that can be incorporated into this page (add those plugins not already listed).

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Warning icon This page has been deprecated. Newer information can be found here: https://plugins.audacityteam.org
The information on this page are likely out-of-date and will not be updated in the forseeable future. It may be removed at any time.
Info from Trebor, triaged by Gale, that can be incorporated into this page (add those plugins not already listed).

This page describes support for VST (Virtual Studio Technology) effect plug-ins in Audacity; VST instrument plug-ins that generate audio are not supported. A list of VST effects known to process correctly in Audacity on Windows is given here.
VST effects are supported by Audacity on OS X and GNU/Linux, but relatively few are available on Mac (due to Apple's competing Audio Units technology) and even fewer on Linux. If a specific VST effect is required on Linux, it may be necessary to employ workarounds such as running Audacity for Windows in a virtual machine.
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VST support in Audacity

Warning icon
  • On Windows and Mac OS X, Audacity is a 32-bit application so won't see 64-bit versions of VST plug-ins, even on 64-bit operating systems.
  • On GNU/Linux, 32-bit systems will have 32-bit versions of Audacity which won't see 64-bit VST plug-ins. 64-bit systems will have 64-bit versions of Audacity which will see 64-bit VST plug-ins but won't see 32-bit plug-ins.
  • VST instruments (VSTi) (such as synths) and real-time VST effects (that change the audio data while playing or recording) are not yet supported.
  • VST 3 plug-ins are not supported.

VST effects are displayed with full GUI interface (where provided by the plug-in), and without need of the VST Enabler. This has been made possible by use of an open source VST header.

For instructions on how to load new VST effects into Audacity please see this page in the Manual.

The overwhelming majority of VST effect plug-ins should display and process correctly. If an incompatible VST plug-in does cause a problem, click the Manage button in the effect's dialog then choose "Options...". In the dialog that appears, try reducing Buffer Size, disabling Latency Compensation or disabling graphical display. See VST Effect Options in the Manual for more information on these choices.
  • To report a plug-in that is problematic in current Audacity, please report it on the Audacity Forum.

Installing VST plug-ins in Audacity

The process and file location is different for each operating system. See the following pages in the Audacity Manual:

List of functional VST Plug-ins

Instructions for adding plug-ins to the list:
  1. Please insert new plug-ins that work in Audacity in the correct place so as to keep the list sorted in alphabetical order.
  2. Please give a download link to the plug-in if possible, enclosing the link inside single square brackets - for example:
  3. If plug-ins are not free, please note this.

  • The majority of plug-ins will be for Windows only unless OS 9 or OS X is stated.
  • Classic Mac OS plug-ins will only work under OS 9 and previous. Mac OS X plug-ins with a .component file marked as "PowerPC" will only work on PPC Macs (they might work on Intel Macs with slow performance under Rosetta but Rosetta cannot be used on OS X 10.7 or later).

List of Plug-ins with download links

Peter 16Nov15: I'm not sure I want us to continue linking to the Brothersoft site (or its plug-ins) the very first ad I got served on that page was for a porn site - sure the adds cycled round with normal sensible ads but they were on a cycle and the porn ad kept returning. And It carries a misleading big green "Download" button !
  • Gale 18Nov15: The Classic plugins below are discontinued. The links were pointing to Brothersoft which is a dubious site and now point to VST4free which is much less bad. Also you can get the complete bundle from http://acoustica1.cachefly.net/other/Classic-Effects-Installer.exe. The installer puts the plugins in %PROGRAMFILES%\VST where (according to the Manual and VSTEffect.cpp) Audacity should not see them unless a registry key or VST_PATH environment variable points there. But Audacity does see them (on Win 10).
  • Classic plug-ins
  • Peter 16Nov15: Rather than linking direct to the downloads for these digitalfishphones plug-ins, might it not be better to link to the site's download page for them as it tells the user, in some detail, just what each one is for: THD, dominion and normalizer?
    • Gale 17Nov15: Any other plugins are not listed because presumably no-one tested them. Yes, show a landing page with detail for the plugin if there is one. But if we have a table like I suggest we can link to the publisher and the plugin in a less confusing way.
    • DtBlkFx (FFT-based frequency and harmonics manipulation). Also supports OS X (Universal binary) but only Windows version tested.
    • Extra Boy Pro removal and isolation of audio components (commercial, paid for)
    • EZmix (commercial, time limited demo available). Also supports OS X but only Windows version tested.
    • Freeverb Plug-ins
    • GMulti Multi-band compressor
    • iZotope vinyl for Windows and OS X
    • JS plug-in pack - contains plug-ins listed below.
      • JS 6 equalizer V1.0.dll
      • JS Band Cut V1.0.dll
      • JS Compresseur V1.1.dll
      • JS Disto V1.0.dll
      • JS equalizer V1.0.dll
      • Humanizer v1.0.dll
      • JS Limiteur V1.0.dll
      • JS Magneto V1.1.dll
      • JS Mini-sample V1.0.dll
      • JS Noise Attenu V1.0 .dll
      • JS Noise Filtre V1.0.dll
      • JS Oscil resonne V2.0 .dll
      • JS Oscil resonne V3.0.dll
      • JS PanDelay .dll
      • JS Resonnateur V1.0.dll
      • JS Vibrato V1.0.dll
    • jVSTwRapper-based plug-ins (on Windows, Mac OSX PPC/Intel and Linux).
    jVSTwRapper is a way of writing Java plug-ins using VST-based technology, enclosed in a wrapper that makes them compatible for use in VST, Audio Units and LADSPA hosts. Thus jVSTwRapper plug-ins can be run on all three platforms.

    List of Plug-ins with known problems

    Warning icon Instructions for adding VST effect plug-ins to the list:
    1. Please do not add VST instrument plug-ins to the list, because Audacity won't work with any of those.
    2. List effect plug-ins that do not work properly in Audacity, giving a short note of the problem, such as "Audacity won't launch", "plug-in does not appear in Effect Menu", "not all controls available", "audio not processed".
    3. Please give a download link to the plug-in if possible, enclosing the link inside single square brackets - for example:
    4. Please also give your operating system such as Windows 10 or Mac OS X 10.9.4, the date of your report, and the version of Audacity used.
    5. Feel free to use current Audacity to retest any plug-ins that did not work with legacy VST Enabler or legacy 1.x versions of Audacity. If plug-ins now work, please move them up into the "working" list.
      • Audacity 2.0.6 onwards supports buffer delay compensation. Most plug-ins previously listed below that suffered from inserted silence due to Audacity's lack of compensation are no longer listed.
    In addition to the below list, the following plug-ins do not have functioning sliders in Audacity 2.1.0 or later and so will only apply at default settings. See Bug 1083.
    • JS plug-ins
    • MDA VST's
    • stereoizer.dll
    Plug-in OS Date Audacity version Symptoms
    Auto-Tune Windows Dec.2012 Audacity 2.0.1 Tuning by MIDI input is not supported.
    BlueCat OS X Sep.2014 Audacity 2.0.5, 2.0.6 In 2.0.5, the plug-in interface does not work, so you can only use default settings. The interface works in 2.0.6, but in both versions, saving a preset will lock out the main Audacity window, requiring to close Audacity from the Dock.
    CM Vocoder Windows/OS X Sep.08 Audacity 1.3.8+ Does not appear
    Effect Chainer DX and VST wrapper Windows Jan.08 All can't host any plug-ins
    FFX-4 DX and VST Wrapper Windows Jan.08 All can't host any plug-ins
    Freeverb2 Windows 7 Oct.11 Audacity 1.3.13 Only tabular interface, no preset support
    GRM Tools OS X May 2014 Audacity 2.0.6-alpha Interface cannot be used (so the effects can only be used at default settings) or interface disappears completely when loading preset. The interface is likely to be available in 2.0.6 release, but attempting to save a preset in any Audacity version could lock out the main Audacity window.
    GRM Tools Windows Sep.08 Audacity 1.3.8+ unspecified
    GSnap Windows Jan.2014 Audacity 2.0.6 Tuning by MIDI input is not supported.
    keFIR Windows Apr.08 VST-Bridge 1.1 has no effect on audio
    kn0ck0ut Windows Sep.2014 Audacity 2.0.6-alpha Despite Audacity 2.0.6 or later supporting buffer delay compensation, the start of the processed audio has silence inserted and a corresponding length is removed from the end of the processed audio. This also occurs in Goldwave and Wavosaur so is probably a bug in Kn0ck0ut, but the VST version is no longer being developed, only an LV2 version.
    Sonic Maximizer Windows Sep.2007 VST-Bridge 1.1 not in Effect menu
    SoundSoap2 (discontinued) (see also SoundSoap3) Windows, OS X 2007 (various) All Audacity won't launch
    Spectro Windows Nov.2014 2.0.7-alpha No spectrum visible in plug-in window
    String Studio Windows 2007 (various) VST-Bridge 1.1 Audacity won't launch
    T RackS 3 OS X Dec.2009 All Audacity won't launch
    VisualVOX VST Windows Jan.2008 VST-Bridge 1.1 No interface, just silences audio
    Waves V5 Windows Dec.2012 Audacity 2.0.2 Hangs Audacity on launch
    Waves V8 OS X Feb.2013 Audacity 2.0.3 Only tabular interface. Two entries (m) and (s) for each effect. GarageBand does not have either problem.(1)
    (1) Audio Unit versions of Waves may cause Audacity 2.0.4 or earlier to freeze or crash on launch. In 2.0.5 or later, Waves Audio Units may cause a freeze or crash when the effect is chosen from the Effect Menu.