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This page provides links to vendors that bundle Audacity with their commercial products.

An entry does not necessarily constitute endorsement of the item by the Audacity Team. Each entry should be just a link and a brief description -- pricing information is inappropriate. Entries should be in alphabetical order.

Behringer USB Guitar

An electric guitar for sale worldwide. It connects to computer via USB and has headphones output.

Ion iTTUSB and Numark ttUSB turntables

These turntables allow users to record vinyl and shellac records into Audacity via the computer's USB connection, so neither a conventional turntable or line-in is required.

The Ion iTTUSB also provides a line-in port where an external device such as a cassette player can be attached and recorded into Audacity through the USB port.

The Numark ttUSB is similar, made by a sister company, and adds a variable pitch control.

Currently these turntables disable system sound on Windows machines until they are unplugged at the USB connection. This is correctable by resetting the system playback device in the Windows mixer. They also have no volume control nor apparently any ability to vary the input level of the recording.

M-Audio and Pinnacle (Avid) Podcast Factory

M-Audio and Pinnacle (Avid) Podcast Factory™ is an all-in-one hardware/software solution that makes it easy to record, edit and distribute professional-sounding podcasts. It comes with a broadcast-quality microphone and professional 24-bit/48kHz USB audio interface for making top-notch voice and voice+music recordings. Use the included software (Audacity) to edit your recordings, create your podcast and publish it to the Web.