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* [http://forum.audacityteam.org/ Forum] - General place for help.
* [https://forum.audacityteam.org/ Forum] - General place for help.
Some of the topic threads get very long indeed.
Some of the topic threads get very long indeed.

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Color Plan

Bugzilla has good color scheme, in particular using a light color for the main readable area. The scheme to bring the websites together is:

  • Use bugzilla colours, with the dark blue adapted to 'facebook blue'. There are three colors,
    • dark-blue header: #3b5998;
    • dark gray frame: #c8c8c8;
    • light gray panel: #f0f0f0;
  • Use wiki colours unchanged.
  • On Forum, lose the two-tone light blue - replace with dark-header, dark gray frame and light gray panel from modified bugzilla.
  • Wordpress site follows suit.
  • Twitter, Facebook, Google+, GitHub - we can't control the colors.

We should move to having Audacity logo on light-gray (#f0f0f0) rather than on white.

Giving the light gray a very slight yellow tinge f0f0ec, makes the blues appear bluer by contrast and the main panel less cold, so could be a good idea - but then many other gray shades would need to be tweaked a little too so as not to give a cold/warm contrast where they are on the same page.



  • Manual - alphamanual.audacityteam.org is the in-preparation manual (wiki). Manual.audacityteam.org is the current manual (static text).

The front page of the manual has an image map of the Audacity user interface that links off to reference sections on each of the features. The manual is structured as a comprehensive reference to the features in audacity, rather than as a topic based how to about working with audio.



  • Wiki - General purpose wiki. More a community notebook than an encyclopedia.

Tips and tricks for users. Also working documents for release process and a small amount of help information for developers.

Repository for Feature Requests and Proposals.



The Audacity icon has a neat 'easter egg' in that clicking on it gives you a table of bug counts by priority and type. Note that we can also get selective lists of bugs with live status in wiki. For example:

IDPStatusSummary (2 tasks) ID
437P2RESOLVEDWrite fails without error message box on disk full437
1198P3RESOLVEDMac system "minimize" shortcuts ignored.1198


It would be good to round the corners and use the border colors from our bugzilla on this site.


  • Forum - General place for help.

Some of the topic threads get very long indeed.



As of 25th of March the faceBook page had 1,200 likes, which is tiny for the popularity Audacity enjoys.



  • Google+ - Snippets of audio news, not just about Audacity. There is also a community with for example user contributed how-to videos.

Google stopped providing 'insight' analytics - perhaps because we are not a business, so it is no longer much of a tool for gathering a community and interest.



Main Wordpress Site


  • Wordpress Site - Most of the traffic goes via the download page and onwards to FossHub.

We have around 1,000,000 downloads per month. The main site has space for blogs, but they are not being used yet.



  • Doxygen - Automatically generated program listing


  • GitHub - Source code and pull requests