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Color Scheme

James (talk) 15:08, 29 August 2015 (EDT): "As I see it, we would do well to choose colors from Audacity and from the (current) logo. Blues and grays, if we are projecting a sober look and 'reliability' and more of the color accents, e.g. the yellow from the logo, the button colors from the toolbar, if we want to project a more fun and funky look. "

Logos on the Sites

This is how a corner of each of the websites currently (Aug-2015) looks. We'd like to have all the two-tone colors matching and list the files (or parameters in databases) that need to change here.

MainSite.png ForumSite.png ManualSite.png WikiSite.png DoxySite.png BugzillaSite.png GPlusSite.png