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This page is solely for recording Audacity issues that are specific to the Microsoft Windows operating system (or to different versions of it), and are thus issues which do not occur with Audacity on Mac or Unix/Linux systems.

This page is intended as a reference point only. It is not constantly monitored by the Audacity team and is thus not meant as a direct method for obtaining technical support.

Please check our extensive online help resources as listed on our Reporting Bugs page, to see if your issue is already known. Only add an issue on this page if you're sure it is something specific to Windows only, you're sure of your facts, and that there is not some other explanation for the problem. In all other cases, please follow the instructions on Reporting Bugs to get help and/or give us a useful bug report that we can follow up.

If you are looking to request a new feature for Audacity, please go to our Feature Requests page.

Active issues with current Stable and Beta versions

  • OK/Cancel buttons in Audacity's dialogues are switched from the Windows convention which states "OK" should be on the left, and "Cancel" on the right, or are inconsistent in applying this.

This will be fixed in the next stable version of Audacity 1.4.0, where button order in dialogues will more consistently follow Windows convention (unless there is a compelling reason a particular dialogue or set of dialogues should not do so).