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This page is solely for recording Audacity issues that are specific to the Microsoft Windows operating system (or to different versions of it), and are thus issues which do not occur with Audacity on Mac or Unix/Linux systems.

It is intended as a reference point only. It is not constantly monitored by the Audacity team and is thus not meant as a direct method for obtaining technical support.

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Table of not-'all-platform' Bugs

  • 154 bugs as of 1st Oct 2018.
IDOSPStatusSummary (60 tasks) ID
Windows and Linux
677Windows and LinuxP4NEWWin/Linux: Cannot interact with log if already open when called from Sequence Tags warning677
Windows 10
2614Windows 10P4NEWWindows: hang/crash when more than 36 projects are opened2614
2686Windows 10P4NEWWin: floating toolbars can block access to the menu commands2686
Windows (all)
2619Windows (all)P4NEWWin/Mac: Quiescent Audacity eventually loses ability to record2619
1399Windows (all)P4NEWWindows: VST plug-in ReaEQ tabs cannot be enabled/disabled without restarting playback1399
1956Windows (all)P4NEWWindows: MME and WDS playback cursor is buffer length ahead of actual audio playing1956
47Windows (all)P4NEWWindows: LADSPA Multiband EQ plug-in may not be visible in Effect menu and crashes soon after opening47
1082Windows (all)P5NEWWindows: VST - MDA Tracker plug-in crashes in RTP1082
macOS and Linux
1713macOS and LinuxP3NEWLinux: MIDI: Note track playback requires additional set up1713
306macOS and LinuxP3NEWLinux: xrun glitches when recording with software playthrough, caused by too demanding PortAudio latencies306
848macOS and LinuxP4NEWLinux/Mac: Shortcuts don't display in menus for effects that have the same name848
1483macOS and LinuxP4NEWLinux/Mac: Shortcuts using NumPad keys not shown in menus1483
2756macOS and LinuxP4NEWLinux/Mac: Cryptic error message when using NAS2756
1519macOS and LinuxP4NEWLinux/Mac: Grids: extra Tab presses needed to reach buttons using (SHIFT +) CTRL; grid still selected after CTRL + SHIFT + Tab on Mac1519
2094macOS and LinuxP4NEWLinux/Mac: Incorrect rewind on Play2094
1055macOS and LinuxP4NEWLinux/Mac: Too generic error if an incompatible LV2 plug-in is enabled1055
2355macOSP3VERIFIEDMac: Moving focus within the toolbar with tabbing gets stuck at playback meter.2355
1441macOSP4NEWMac: Imported file names containing '/' change the slash to ':' in the trackname (and in the project window header)1441
2359macOSP4NEWMac: Audacity mouse pointers used when system dialogs displayed2359
2201LinuxP3NEWLinux: Audacity does not follow the XDG Base Directory Specification2201
1314LinuxP3REOPENEDLinux: Audacity doesn't remember being extended across multiple displays1314
1071LinuxP3NEWLinux: Ubuntu Unity: Crash accessing non-RTP effect in another project when a non-RTP effect is already previewing1071
276LinuxP3NEWLinux: PULSE-AUDIO issues. Freeze repeatedly starting/stopping streams276
2675LinuxP3NEWLinux: Malformed tool tips in Mixer Board2675
1834LinuxP3NEWLinux: Help -> Quick Help dialog produces an empty second dialog1834
2678LinuxP3NEWLinux: Source will not build if path contains a space character2678
2361LinuxP3NEWLinux: High-dpi displays are not supported2361
1826LinuxP3REOPENEDLinux: Dropout detection fails to detect dropouts on Linux1826
2674LinuxP3NEWLinux: Mixer Board sliders slow to respond when multiple tracks2674
611LinuxP4NEWLinux: Muted track at different rate to project rate un-necessarily resampled611
1413LinuxP4NEWLinux: ASSERT (Intermittent) when time shifting audio clips1413
321LinuxP4NEWLinux: Long unresponsive delay after recording321
1328LinuxP4NEWLinux: Spectrum Export location not remembered1328
1961LinuxP4NEWLinux: No icon for Audacity in dock1961
910LinuxP4NEWLinux: WX3: Segfault manually locating FFmpeg910
118LinuxP4NEWLinux: Audacity doesn't recognize locally installed FFmpeg library118
871LinuxP4NEWLinux: Built-in effects not modal when an RTP effect is open871
1490LinuxP4NEWLinux: The Scrubbing pointer is not consistent on Ubuntu1490
2414LinuxP4VERIFIEDLinux: Selection toolbar doesn't resize correctly2414
323LinuxP4NEWLinux: Audacity does not report aborted recording323
1646?LinuxP4REOPENEDLinux: Stretch operation in Note tracks needs many improvements1646
1369LinuxP4NEWLinux: Sound activated recording erratic during Timer Record1369
2791LinuxP4NEWLinux: VSTs behaving differently between "Apply" and "Play"2791
289LinuxP4NEWLinux: Mixer Board: Slow meter response at start of playback289
1545LinuxP4NEWLinux: intermittent crash on exit1545
135LinuxP4NEWLinux: Custom FFmpeg Export dialog does not respond to ENTER after clicking in the Formats or Codec selector135
907LinuxP4NEWLinux: WX3: Automatic Crash Recovery interface issues907
1504LinuxP4NEWLinux: ASSERT (frequent) when pasting audio within a clip1504
708LinuxP4NEWLinux: Selection un-frozen after effect preview708
1448LinuxP4NEWLinux: ESC does not cancel toolbar move/resize1448
475LinuxP4NEWLinux: Selection shading inconsistent on MIDI tracks475
2810LinuxP4NEWLinux: Summary: Wayland issues2810
1283LinuxP4NEWLinux: Track dropdown menu enabled after previewing an effect1283
1056LinuxP4NEWLinux: Fomp *VCO LV2 oscillator plug-ins incompatible when they shouldn't be1056
1700LinuxP4NEWLinux: Record volume stuck at max on some systems.1700
908LinuxP4NEWLinux: ASSERT playing audio after adding a label908
1515LinuxP4NEWLinux: Extended Import: Cannot mouse drag importers up or down the list1515
2385LinuxP5NEWLinux: wxgtk3: Background fails to update with i3 Window manager2385
2196LinuxP5NEWLinux: Label editor: after it closes, focus is shifted to the Device Toolbar2196
267LinuxP5NEWLinux: PortAudio warnings on startup267