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This is a page for James and Peter to record their wish lists for 2.3.1. This wish lists is for typically small features that are not hard to do. That's because 2.3.1 is likely to be mainly a continuation of the war on bugs.



Peter's WIBN list



  • Much more bug reduction. The 20% live bugs target is more ambitious than it looks, given how many passes we have already done to close easier bugs.
  • Unified splash dialog. The mess and multiple clicking is increasingly annoying me.
  • Click fixing. We still have too many.
  • Audio code clean up. The code is in big functions which need to be broken up into smaller more logical ones.
  • Recreate export multiple using scripting, so that we have the full functionality of it in script and hence greater opportunity to adapt the pipeline adding steps on the way. In particular provide automatic naming.
  • Complete the resizability of toolbars. For example we should be able to make the edit toolbar 2 units high.

James' WIBN LIst

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