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This page lists development work in progress or planned for Audacity.
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This is how we get from ideas to new releases of Audacity
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Projects with Proposal Pages

Some projects have had sufficient discussion and planning to merit a page in their own right. Some of them are:

For a complete list, see Category:Proposal


Theming is the ability for users to configure colors and images used within Audacity.

  • Current experimental version makes a 'tableau' (a single png that includes all images) as the basis for theming. This needs to change to using a zipped file with the images in it.
  • Longer term goal is to use an external tool such as wxFormBuilder (with suitable plug-ins) to build the archive of images and colors.


Audacity has from almost its earliest days had an experimental 'note track' that can show a read only piano-roll for MIDI music. We've generally resisted the pressure to make this into a full MIDI editor - there already exist open source MIDI editors, and we would rather leverage that effort. However, it is turning out that a well integrated MIDI editor appears to be needed for other purposes especially in audio analysis. It may not be practical to get the required level of integration with an external app.

  • Work in progress. Experimental status.

MIDI Audio Diff

MIDI versus Waveform comparison. A related plan exists for differences between two waveforms.

  • Work in progress. Experimental status.

Label Track

The Label_Track allows points and ranges of an audio waveform to be given textual labels. In Audacity 1.3.10 when you slide clips around, the labels do not move with the clips. There is no multiple-select of labels yet.

  • Work is at an advanced stage of progress to move clips with changes in the audio, cut, paste, move and also application of effects. It is currently experimental status until some issues with maintaining labels after applying audio-dependent time-modifying effects have been addressed.

Rivendell Integration

Rivendell is a Radio Station Management suite. This project builds integration with that suite. Requires MySQL.

  • Currently a fork of Audacity. Aim is for it to become a plug-in.

Context Sensitive Help

Context sensitive help is needed in the preferences panel to allow us to have proper explanations for the various configuration options. At the moment, without context sensitive help, there is a temptation to have very long text for each configuration item - the so called "Audacity becomes Verbosity" problem. This project should solve that problem in a clean way.

  • Prototype of wxStaticBox level of prompting (in a window) exists.


See Automation for what this is. Audacity 1.3.10 contains code that allows a wide range of scripting to be performed. It is still relatively new and needs an experimental plug-in mod-script-pipe.

Audacity For Language Learners

  • Some code exists for related tasks using Freedict dictionaries.

Vowel Target Practice

  • Some work in progress at Audacity-Extra
  • Some code to plunder at CLAM.