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Sometimes lack of time (or the right skills or software) may leave you looking for a service that can take audio files and convert them to a notated score or text file, or correct pitch errors in an entire vocal. This page lists a few online services that may help.
Note: information is offered in the hope it may be useful and does not carry any particular recommendation from Audacity. Feel free to comment about any service listed here, or recommend others.

Tuning of vocal performances using professional music industry software: 

Transcription of chords, or entire instrumental parts or works: 
This service is provided on a one-to-one basis by trained musicians. A shareware Windows application  is also offered which attempts to detect chords in an audio file.

Speech to text services and software

These type of services are much more common. The best recommendation is to search Google  for a suitable service matched to your requirements for pricing, accuracy and speed of service.

Relatively few computer programs are available that directly convert audio files of speech to text. This is because immediately recognising speech in an arbitrary recording and accurately converting it to text is a difficult and error-prone process. More typically, speech recognition algorithms (like the sort in dictation software) learn the inflections of one speaker's voice over a period of time, so producing increasing accuracy. One free Windows program called WAVE to TEXT  is available that claims about 80% first-time accuracy in transcribing a given WAV file of speech to text.