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Summary Points


  • Current speculation is that this is a memory corruption problem of some kind, because once it happens problems in using Audacity continue.
  • Possibly this bug is rarer - following a fix by Michael.
    • Gale was seeing these problems himself before Michael's fix, but is not seeing them now.
  • Leland updated us to latest libsndfile 3-Apr-2011, which if this is a problem in libsndfile may help.

Reduced from P2 to P3, based on rarity/belief that Michael's fix has improved matters (3rd April 2011). Vaughan wonders if the bug's rarity now makes it a 'comet-returns' bug, rather than moonphase.

The Bug Cluster

35P5RESOLVEDOccasionally unreliable importing of WAV and AIFF files35


  • What is the approximate frequency of the bug reports now?
    • One per month as at Apr 2011
  • Is the user trying to open multiple projects simultaneously?
    • A single file in a single project will trigger it
  • Is it just Mac?
    • No.
  • Which fix of Michael's is talked about in comment 24?
    • It's the one for importing 16 bit audio into a 24 bit project.
  • Is it OD related or not?
    • No.

Bugzilla Extracts

We won't always paste extracts, due to redundant work involved, but these ones seemed especially useful. JC

  • Gale : (03Apr2011) Could it be an Intel thing? I don't usually have that info, but all of the reports in the last 6 months (after those OS X 10.6.x crashes stopped happening) and where the processor is stated, are on Intel.
  • Gale : (Relaying user) I waited for audacity to load up then I selected the safer import method whilst unchecking ALL the boxes in the "effects" panel. That solved everything. The import problem and the slow start up.
  • Richard (13Mar2011): It's worth flagging up that we aren't running the latest libsndfile in Audacity SVN by some margin, so we are missing out on some potential fixes there.
  • Gale (13Feb2011): Two of the five most recent reports are from people who find this issue semi-repeatable (i.e. it will happen every month or two) but other people don't see it at all (I have not, since Michael's fixes).
  • Gale (11Feb2011): To me, it's also significant that once the issue starts, it tends to continue until reboot (or sometimes restart of Audacity) with any WAV or AIFF (not necessarily ones written by Audacity). A glance at my notes shows about 15 people who say this (out of 70 odd).
  • Gale (29Dec2009): Erratic import behaviour with WAV and AIFF has been reported since 1.3.7. Michael fixed a specific problem November09 when importing 16-bit WAV/AIFF into 24-bit projects when Preferences were set to copy in the data. However that wasn't 100% replicable for me on Windows (before that fix, 16-bit WAVs from a CD ripper would sometimes import OK into "copy in" 24-bit projects).