Bugs in Graying Out

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This page is for keeping track of bugs and desired changes in the graying out of menu items.
  • I'm hoping it will reduce the overhead in tracking bugs and requests for improvements
  • It is the wiki landing page for the Bug 1712 Summary bug

Graying out Tweaks Requested by Team

  • ToDo.png "Go to Track Start/End"
    • Robert: Compare to the other commands "Go to Project Start/End" and ditto with "Selection Start/End". It gets apparent during playback where those commands are not available or operable whereas "Go to Track Start/End" are not operable but still available in the transport menu. (see also Bug 1678)
  • ToDo.png Transport -> Cursor to -> Selection start.
    • Paul: The command is wrongly banned when you happen to have another project window open which is playing.


  • Done.png