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CamelCase  is a way of writing compound words or phrases in which the words are joined without spaces but are capitalised so that they can be easily distinguished. Historically, it was used in computer programming as one way of getting round the problem that spaces are treated as delimiters between tokens or categorised blocks of text. Another solution is to use the underscore character _ to separate words. Today, CamelCase is still often recommended as good coding style, and the Audacity developers adhere to it.

Many Wikis used to use CamelCase to identify links to other pages on the same Wiki, but the almost universal practice now is to use explicit markup for links, as in our [[link on this Wiki]] internal links. Moreover, it is not necessary that the links inside the markup are written in CamelCase, although a number of our older pages are titled this way. If you want to link to such a page and have the link appear in normal style with spaces between the words, insert after the page title a pipe symbol | then the text of the link as you wish it to appear, as in this example:

[[PageTitle|Page Title]]