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This page is for searching the Wiki by category. Towards the end of the page is an automatically generated alphabetic list of categories in the Wiki.

Understanding Categories

  • Categories provide one way of searching this wiki.
  • You can get a comprehensive list of all categories from Special:Categories. This list has the advantage that as well as naming the categories it shows the number of articles in each category too.

Search Strategies

Most people arriving at this page are searching for something. The box below gives some tips on searching the Wiki in various ways. The list of categories follows.

If you're looking for something specific and didn't find it....

Usual Recommendation

  • Try Google and type in the words you were hoping for. If there is a peculiar error message, typing a key phrase from that message, possibly in quotes so that it gets treated as a phrase, may get you what you want.
  • The FAQ  answers frequently answered questions. It's a good place to start.
  • Our Tutorials cover a very wide range of common problems.
  • The Audacity Forum is an active community site with many questions, comments and answers by users of Audacity. If you haven't found your answer here, posting a question there is a good thing to try.

Category Intros

Each category has a brief introduction. At this current moment some of those intros are as follows:

For Users

This category is for pages that are relevant to using Audacity.

For Developers

Pages in this category are likely only to be of interest to developers.

For Editors

This category has pages with information for anyone wanting to edit this Wiki, and also some information for editors of our Wiki-based Manual.
On this Wiki only the most basic help on editing can be given. The current main page on editing is: Audacity Wiki editing.


This category contains online resources for users to meet each other, read our developer news or contact our Team.

Google Summer of Code

Google Summer of Code  (GSoC) is Google's program for promoting Open Source Software development. Audacity was a mentoring organization for five students for Google Summer of Code 2008, and mentored two students in 2009.


This category contains foreign language material about Audacity. It is also for pages about how the Audacity program, documentation and web sites are translated, and about how this process can be extended and improved.

Feature Planning

This category is for pages about ideas for future changes to Audacity.
These pages include our current Roadmap and ideas for Google Summer of Code projects.


This page is a collection of Tutorials giving step-by-step guidance on performing various tasks using Audacity. These complement our official Tutorials in the Manual.
Also see our list of Tips to enhance your day-to-day experience of Audacity.

Audacity Manual Tutorials

Peter 2Oct14: I have enhanced this section with links to all the current tutorials in the Manual. As in the Manual I have roll-over hover-texts.

See our Tutorials in the Manual for step-by-step instructions for performing the most common tasks in Audacity.

Audacity Wiki Tutorials

Audio Restoration


Recordings (Other)

Schools or Colleges

Gale 10Aug14: labelling below is a bit inconsistent - sometimes "YouTube", sometimes not even if it is YouTube, sometimes "video tutorial" or "tutorial video". What about a prefix or icon "YT" for a YouTube video so it is easy to see what is audio and what is video? I like giving timings.

Off-site Tutorials on the web

External tutorials marked CC Attribution icon are available under the Creative Commons Attribution "BY" licence. They may be copied, edited, distributed or displayed (including commercially), if attribution is given to the author. Editing may be done on collaborative editing sites such as Google Docs or Wikimedia Commons. Please add links to any edited documents underneath the link to the original.
Peter 3May14: commenting this out for now - it is currently redundant
Tutorials marked Creative Commons logo have a more restrictive Creative Commons Attribution licence, see text for details.


  • Using Audacity 2.2.0 and 2.2.1 with the JAWS screen reader for Windows - includes useful tips for the visually impaired (and others) who want to use Audacity without a mouse.

Audio File Formats (MP3 and others)

Voice Effects

Sound Effects

  • Simple Lion Scream sound effect video tutorial (0:55).


Podcasting Overviews

Recording Voice

The following is an automatically generated list in alphabetical order of all articles on this wiki in the category tutorial.


Our Tips pages comprise tips on particular aspects of working with Audacity and your hardware. Following these will greatly enhance your day-to-day experience of using Audacity.

Selected Tips pages sorted by topic


Effects, Preferences, Editing and Playback

Managing Audacity Project Files and audio files

Managing and understanding the technology

Recording Tips

    Recording from microphones:

Troubleshooting Recordings

Using other programs

Complete alphabetical list of Tips pages (autogenerated)



This category is for pages about troubleshooting problems with Audacity.
An important page is that about troubleshooting recording problems.

Work in Progress

The Work in Progress pages are used by subscribers to audacity-devel mailing list. All these pages, and this category page itself, should only be modified by subscribers to that list. All pages in this category have a prominent header noting this.



This page is for searching the Wiki by category. Towards the end of the page is an automatically generated alphabetic list of categories in the Wiki.

Adding Categories to Pages

If you want to add a category to a page, look at an existing categorised page to see how it is done. The category is added as a link at the foot of the page. The order matters. Generally we try to have the wider categories first and the narrower categories later. There is a fuller explanation here.

The following is an automatically generated list in alphabetical order of all articles on this wiki in the category Category.

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