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This category is for pages about ideas for future changes to Audacity.
These pages include our current Roadmap and ideas for Google Summer of Code projects.
This is how we get from ideas to new releases of Audacity
Feature Requests   -->   Proposals   -->   Projects   -->   Releases
Feature Votes Category Status
Improvements to the "Macros" (batch processing) feature - many high-rated requests, total as shown 224 Automation Done.png Some enhancements (Automation Project) ToDo.png Many more possibilities.
Real-time effects 166 Effects Done.png Basics (Effect-Preview button). ToDo.png Full feature.
Multi-channel playback 84 Playback Enhancements
PDF version of Manual 82 Interface Modifications Done.png Draft Experimental PDF for 2.2.0 available. Offers of help to improve on this are welcome!
Punch-in and punch-out" recording 79 Recording Enhancements
Synchronize recorded/played back tracks automatically 71 Playback Enhancements
BPM and beat timecode automatic detection and beat matching 66 Effects
Allow direct MIDI editing/playback and incorporate MIDI sequencer 60 MIDI Done.png Playback. It's in 2.2.0. ToDo.png Sequencer.
Support lyrics and album art in metadata tags 59 Imports and Exports
Choose which of multiple channels to record 52 Recording Enhancements
Too utilitarian/outdated/generic in appearance/hard to customise 51 Interface Modifications Done.png Themes and Custom Theming available in 2.2.0. More ongoing work on appearance at Dark Audacity.
Bind particular parameters of effects to buttons or keyboard shortcuts 51 Interface Modifications
Sound Activated Recording pre- and post-roll: 51 Recording Enhancements
Effects Categorisation 49 Effects
Include Audacity's own virtual driver to record stereo mix 46 Recording Enhancements
Assign different colors to individual tracks, clips or regions 46 Interface Modifications Done.png It's in Audacity 2.2.1 release. Originally written for Dark Audacity.
Better ability to update 45 Recording Enhancements
Import/play video for synchronized soundtrack editing 46 Imports and Exports
Global shortcuts that operate Audacity if it does not have focus 44 Interface Modifications
Panning envelope editing 42 Editing Enhancements
Timestamp metadata 42 Imports and Exports
Export to directory from which original .aup or audio file loaded 41 Imports and Exports
Import Appended 39 Imports and Exports
Record from multiple sound devices at once 39 Recording Enhancements
Repair: vastly increased length of track to be worked on/works when zoomed out 37 Effects
Dynamically adjust loop playback when selection boundaries move 36 Playback Enhancements
Markers on Waveform 36 Interface Modifications
Let the Timeline display time signature and bars/beats 37 Interface Modifications
Control Audacity from command line 33 Automation Done.png Was part of the Automation Project, for Audacity 2.3.0.
Disable "Save Changes?" on exit - Simple option, even if the file has been edited. 32 Interface Modifications
User-customised waveform colors for RMS and background to improve contrast 31 Interface Modifications Done.png Can be achieved using the custom theming feature. An easier UI for this is also planned too.
One-step way to avoid clipping on multiple tracks 30 Interface Modifications
Timer Record Multi-event scheduler 30 Recording Enhancements
Smaller-sized and/or more unified project storage 29 Improved Resource or Project Management
Selection Toolbar: Microseconds [µs] 26 Imports and Exports
Control Audacity by a foot pedal 25 Automation
Make Scripting (mod-script-pipe) available after enabling it in Preferences 26 Automation
Reinstate 78 RPM EQ curves from Audacity 1.2 25 Effects
Grid lines: Horizontal- and also in spectrogram view 25 Interface Modifications
Non-destructive (non-linear) editing 22 Editing Enhancements
CD Rip and Burn 22 Unclassified Feature Requests
More Context Menu (right-click or CTRL-click) functionality 22 Interface Modifications
Provide way to automatically add extension when file name contains a dot 22 Imports and Exports
Preference for monitoring on by default 22 Interface Modifications
Sound Activated Recording: segment each recording event: 21 Recording Enhancements
Normalization Replay Gain (RMS) 20 Effects
Store metadata for each imported file 20 Other Import/Exports


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