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Pages in this category are about currently active projects
This is how we get from ideas to new releases of Audacity
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  • This table comes from Development Projects and shows work that was progressing or completed, as of (Jan 2018)
Type Code? Feature Tracker Who Review Comments
Release C++ Audacity 2.3.3 ToDo.png Schedule / Bugs James Team In string freeze. Translation started.
Release C++ Audacity 2.2.2 Done.png Released Paul Team
Release C++ Audacity 2.2.1 Done.png Released Paul Team
Automation C++ Scripting Done.png Usable / ToDo James Steve
Automation Javascript WIT Done.png Released / ToDo James Peter "What is That?" website is live.
Automation C++ Nyquist upgrade Done.png Changes are checked in and scheduled for 2.3.0 release James Steve
Automation Python / LaTeX Pdf of manual Done.png Released / ToDo / Tweaks James 2.2.0 manual available for download in pdf format.
Automation Python Image Script Done.png Usable / ToDo James
  • C++ version used in updating 2.2.0 manual.
  • Webby version nearly there.
Automation Python PyWikibot Done.png ToDo James A how-to project rather than a coding project.
C++ MIDI Done.png More to do Pokechu22 Paul Live in 2.2.0
C++ Timer Record Done.png Mark Steve Live in 2.2.0
Website HTML / CSS Theme Update Done.png ToDo Shinta Steve Live for 2.2.2
C++ Translation Support Done.png More to do Paul PLURAL() macro in use. XO and Nyquist translated.
Feeder Branch C++ ToDo.png Paul Code refactorings using modern idioms.
Feeder Branch C++ DarkAudacity integration Done.png Integrated / ToDo / Tweaks James
  • Cycle 1 live in 2.2.0
  • Cycle 2 started.
Spike solution C++ AU14 TrackPanel Done.png Proof-of-concept James Proof-of-Concept works recording / playback / zooming.
C++ Fish-Eye ToDo.png In a branch Paul

This page links to many todo lists associated with active projects. These lists have items marked:

  • ToDo.png for a todo item.
  • Done.png for done items.

There are also other related project progress pages with screenshots of the work in progress.