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DarkAudacity is a project to overhaul the Audacity UI. Its released features arrive in Audacity about a year later.


We had many proposals for menu rearrangement.
  • We did not reach agreement through discussing the proposals and mock ups.
  • However, the changed menus in DA were seen to be step forward, and agreed as suitable for Audacity.
  • The UI changes required considerable work on images in the manual.

DA Integration

Many changes from Dark Audacity has been integrated into Audacity.
  • We took over a year to release Audacity with the changes already released in 2016 in DA.
  • We made further changes/enhancements in porting the changes.
    • We added a new 'select' menu to the menus.
    • We made the themes selectable, providing Dark, Light, Classic and High-Contrast

Project work tracked at:



DarkAudacity 2.1.3.x, released in August 2016:


  • 12-August-2016 DarkAudacity 2.1.3x released.
  • 6-December-2017 Audacity 2.2.1 with most DA changes in it, released.