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How Plans Progress

This is how we get from ideas to new releases of Audacity
Feature Requests   -->   Proposals   -->   Projects   -->   Releases
  • Most of the time the most important activity is being tracked on Next Release. That page has information about progress and schedule on the current release. You can see commits that are progressing the release on our GitHub master branch. Many of the commits will have titles, complete with bug numbers, from Bugzilla that the commit is intended to address.


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Automation Project

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James Crook ran a project in 2018 to bring more automation into work on Audacity.

Important development features included:

WIT also:
  • Has features to index into doxygen documentation
  • To automate production of annotated images for the manual
  • To automate provision of tables used in the manual.
  • mod-script-pipe a module that lets Audacity be driven by an external script, is being got ready for release.
    • Work on making mod-script-pipe more functional is also making Chains more functional too.
  • The automation project is also producing:
    • Improvements to Nyquist
    • A test script that gives Audacity a workout, by generating over 90% of the images in the manual.
    • Scripts based on pywikibot for automating work on our wikis.
    • A Python script (using BeautifulSoup) to create an Pdf version of the manual with image-mapped images from the wiki.

The Automation project page tracked all this work on automation.

  • Separately in automation, Buanzo worked on Automated Windows builds for Audacity. This has now been superseded by AppVeyor builds.

Two Experimental Feeder Branches

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These provide new code that is user-ready and intended for merging into Audacity. These branches may be ready and distributed for use a year or more before their appearance in Audacity.

  • DarkAudacity by James Crook, an ongoing feeder-project into Audacity the brings in GUI innovations. DarkAudacity was started in June 2016, and released that August. It delivered significant changes to Audacity 2.2.0 a year later, and the project is continuing on in 2018.
    • The progress on integration page tracks details of transfer of work on DarkAudacity into Audacity.
    • The changes to the theming feature tracks progress on meeting team requests for theme changes.
    • The 2016 release of DarkAudacity is fully merged into Audacity. Next DarkAudacity release arrived in the first half of 2018.

Also another feeder-project:

  • To Be Confirmed.
    • A curated branch, curated by Paul Licameli, that contains a mix of Work In Progress for feedback and early adopters.

Google Summer of Code

Summer of Code 2008 logo
Audacity has participated twice in Google Summer of Code. Once in 2008 and once in 2009.


Various odd bits about development projects that don't fit anywhere else.

  • The Audacity code has work-in-progress on Experimental Features and Experimental Modules.
    • Often these projects are stalled or inactive.
    • Some just need someone to pick up the code and bring it back to life.
  • We have a Roadmap, but the roadmap is rather old. In practice what gets developed is what developers have energy for and interest in.

Summary of Active Projects

Type Code? Feature Tracker Who Review Comments
Release C++ Audacity 2.3.3 ToDo.png Schedule / Bugs James Team In string freeze. Translation started.
Release C++ Audacity 2.2.2 Done.png Released Paul Team
Release C++ Audacity 2.2.1 Done.png Released Paul Team
Automation C++ Scripting Done.png Usable / ToDo James Steve
Automation Javascript WIT Done.png Released / ToDo James Peter "What is That?" website is live.
Automation C++ Nyquist upgrade Done.png Changes are checked in and scheduled for 2.3.0 release James Steve
Automation Python / LaTeX Pdf of manual Done.png Released / ToDo / Tweaks James 2.2.0 manual available for download in pdf format.
Automation Python Image Script Done.png Usable / ToDo James
  • C++ version used in updating 2.2.0 manual.
  • Webby version nearly there.
Automation Python PyWikibot Done.png ToDo James A how-to project rather than a coding project.
C++ MIDI Done.png More to do Pokechu22 Paul Live in 2.2.0
C++ Timer Record Done.png Mark Steve Live in 2.2.0
Website HTML / CSS Theme Update Done.png ToDo Shinta Steve Live for 2.2.2
C++ Translation Support Done.png More to do Paul PLURAL() macro in use. XO and Nyquist translated.
Feeder Branch C++ ToDo.png Paul Code refactorings using modern idioms.
Feeder Branch C++ DarkAudacity integration Done.png Integrated / ToDo / Tweaks James
  • Cycle 1 live in 2.2.0
  • Cycle 2 started.
Spike solution C++ AU14 TrackPanel Done.png Proof-of-concept James Proof-of-Concept works recording / playback / zooming.
C++ Fish-Eye ToDo.png In a branch Paul