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As well as our Wiki pages, there are many articles on the internet for further reading about digital audio. These range from beginners' guides on how sound is represented in a computer, to erudite research papers on digital signal processing (DSP) algorithms. This page lists some recommended sources.

Our Wikis

  • The Digital Audio article in our online Manual is a quick entry-level primer about some basic terms essential to Audacity like sample rates and sample formats, clipping and file size compression. Jump to the Glossary for brief descriptions of a wider range of terms like frequency, wavelength or dynamic range, and about how MIDI differs from audio formats like WAV.
    • Click the image Wikipedia1 inline text.png in each Glossary item to read an in-depth Wikipedia article on that subject.
  • For further reading, the Digital Audio Technology category on this Wiki has a small number of fairly easy articles expanding on specific topics such as Dither and Sample Rates.
  • If you're less interested in the theory and more interested in the practicalities of setting up a computer to record audio, we have pages such as "Connecting your Equipment" which explain the different kinds of audio connectors.
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Other Sites

  • Harmony Central has many user-oriented articles on mixing, mastering, effects and use of digital audio software. They also have a good intermediate level series of articles on effects including compression, reverb, noise gating and so on.