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This page collects enhancement requests logged in Bugzilla by Gale Andrews (RIP). They have been marked as WONTFIX in Bugzilla - but links retained here so we don't entirely lose sight of them.

Bugzilla "Enhancements" and Feature Requests

Developer Interested

These ones might get acted on, since there is a developer interested.

  • P3 279 WONTFIX - Enh: Mouse Bindings are not currently configurable by the user.
  • P3 997 WONTFIX - Enh: Allow keyboard to flexibly adjust the cursor or selection during playback or recording.
  • P4 203 WONTFIX - Enh: Multi-Tool requires SHIFT/CTRL modifiers to drag tracks/clips

No Developer (yet)

These ones currently stalled.

  • P2 73 WONTFIX - Enh: Chains: all effects should remember settings applied via chain and Effect menu independently
  • P3 420 WONTFIX - Enh: Unintuitive/inconsistent Extended Import behaviour
  • P3 424 WONTFIX - Enh: Windows: Changing Host reverts changes in selected devices
  • P3 445 WONTFIX - Enh: Windows: .lnk shortcuts to audio or .aup files cannot be dragged to interface or executable
  • P3 1359 WONTFIX - Enh: Classic Filters has no vertical scale.
  • P3 1445 WONTFIX - Enh: Undoing an action undoes most display changes made after the action
  • P4 243 WONTFIX - Enh: Default EQCurves.xml content should be discussed and multiple curves usability issues worked out
  • P4 1305 WONTFIX - Enh: Improve recall and customization of starting Save and Export directories.
  • P4 550 WONTFIX - Enh: Add Directories Preference to export to directory the file came from
  • P4 573 WONTFIX - Enh: Meter Toolbar: Narrow width/lesser height not permitted/respected
  • P4 1373 WONTFIX - Enh: Add automatic ability to export as LAME default MP3 (128 kbps if stereo, 64 kbps if mono).
Peter 26Nov17: For now this one remains in Bugzilla but I plan to write a proposal for it

Gale's WIBN List

  • Option to turn off backwards scrubbing OR a modified click that automatically plays forward from the seek point. This is to reduce un-necessary RSI after seek.
  • Some TLC for those who do large amount of daily export and import: