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<April-2018> Special Project:

We have an upcoming Audacity 2.3.0 release, and would like feedback on it.

We'd like confirmation that Audacity runs well on all three platforms - Windows, Linux, Mac and feedback on the improved zooming.

Download from:

ALSO: We have made a draft pdf version of the manual. Is it any use to anyone? Is it worth continuing with that experiment?

People signed up for Preview Versions:
  • Matthew S (interest in zoom toggle, click removal, spectrograms)
  • Jacob H (Trim-Tool bugfix, ISSE, Vzoom, Vplay-at-speed, NRparams, spectral-eraser, multi-core)
  • Ken Weatherley (Larger position meter)
  • Richard "spacefish" (Change speed, Scripting)
  • Robert H (Automation, accessibility)
  • Cliff S (interest in everything new)
  • Peter S (interest in everything new, especially how easy/hard it is to use and how well documented it is)


Give Feedback

New Features

  • We have Preview Versions of Audacity, which you can sign up for, to get early access to the new features.
  • If you want to get more involved, subscribe to our audacity-quality mailing list and get involved with improving design and quality.


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