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Hotkeys in Audacity are keyboard combinations bound to particular actions. There are not always menu items that correspond to the hotkeys.

As there can be some competition amongst commands for default hotkey assignment, we list the commands and hotkeys here. Commands in the top categories get first dibs on hotkeys. When new commands are added, they can only steal valuable keys from ones in the same category and lower.

These are (samples of) the assignments under windows. Alternatives for Linux/Mac can be noted later on the page.

Category 1

Generally these will be commands that have well established use and key assignments.

  • Play/Stop, SPACE
  • Cut, Ctrl-C
  • Paste, Ctrl-V
  • Delete, Ctrl-X
  • Exit, Ctrl-Q
  • Move Left, [
  • Move Right, ]

Category 2

  • Undo, Ctrl-Z
  • Redo, Ctrl-Y
  • Add label at selection, Ctrl-B

Category 3

Generally these will be commands unique to Audacity. Moreover many of these are not considered central enough to merit items on the menu in the default menu layout.

  • Unmute All, Ctrl-U
  • Mute All, Ctrl-Shift-U
  • Unmute/Mute focus track, Shift-U
  • Solo/Unsolo focus track, Shift-S
  • Collapse all tracks, Ctrl-Shift-C
  • Expand all tracks, Ctrl-Shift-X
  • Mix and Render to New Track, Ctrl-Shift-M