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Consensus/Agreed Requirements

  • Mobile-first: Not so much because of mobile, but for users with small screens or who need to view the page zoomed in.
  • Secure: We do not want a ropey minority theme that requires over-ride of security settings, e.g. to have runnable php in the image upload folder.
  • Blog functionality: This is our main reason for having WordPress at all. We want to easily publish and manage (edit) blog posts.
  • Advert space: Image ads that do not break up the flow of the text.
  • Javascript snippets: So that we can maintain the version-checking script.
  • Audacity Colors: Blues and greys. Not greens!
  • Audacity Logo: In top left, to match our other web properties. Quite probably the logo will live in the header, rather than in a possibly-absent-on-mobile left sidebar, along with the social media buttons.
  • Basic Widgets: Find, Translate, Donate.

James' Wishlist

  • Transitions: Particularly for the about-the-team page.
  • Non-Gallery: Themes designed to showcase photographs tend to require lots of photographs! We don't have time/energy to produce lots of photos, so we need something that works well with text and icons.
  • Modern Open Look: In other words quite wasteful of vertical space. Or at least, having the option to be. The point is that we don't want to be filling up space just so pages don't look empty. It's more work for us and for our users if we do.

Steve's Wishlist

  • Free: Avoid lock-in to a vendor and fragility.

Other Considerations

Premium themes are not that expensive. There is financial value in having a site that looks more professional.


  • Our own Theme.
  • ...will add more contenders later after further research...