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This page contains details of Audacity problems that are identified after release of the current version, and so are not included in the "Known Issues at Release" section of the Release Notes. This page will be cleared after each release of Audacity, as all issues will by then either be fixed or appear as known issues in the Release Notes for the new version.
Please do not use this page to report problems you are having with Audacity or suspected bugs, as it will not be regularly checked by the support team. Instead, please see our Reporting Bugs page for advice on how to identify your problem and report it to us if you need to.

Active issues

IDPSummary (30 tasks) ID
2033P1MacOS LAME and FFmpeg libraries will not load in 64-bit version of Audacity.2033
2046P1LAME not found error on 64-bit Mac build shows wrong library (32-bit one)2046
2027P2Mac: cannot use keyboard "Return" to accept a corrected legalized filename in Export Multiple2027
1986P2Linux: Unwanted messages in console.1986
1954P2Clicks starting/pausing play-at-speed or Scrub1954
1964P2Untranslated menu items for Nyquist (using old config)1964
2031P2Equalization: presets under the Manage button do not save custom EQ curves2031
1989P2Windows Vista: 2.3.0 will not run on Vista due to missing DLL1989
1979P2Saving an unsaved project takes much longer in 2.2.2/2.3.0 versus 2.1.01979
1960P2Scrubbing head moves left to right in right to left scrubbing.1960
1968P3Windows: Recording or monitoring from a USB sound device using WASAPI host yields "Error opening recording device"1968
1948P3Buffer sizes below 20 ms (30 ms with MME) can cause clicky playback1948
1904P3Audio offset not honored in Export/Export Multiple/Export Selection1904
1846P3Mac accessibility: VoiceOver does not read the names of tracks1846
2006P3Random failed assert during playback with time tracks2006
1975P3Mac: Freeze using JACK with QjackCtl1975
1920P3Mac: undocking any tool removes track focus1920
1848P3Mac accessibility: VoiceOver does not read the name of choice controls1848
2012P3Nyquist plug-in translations broken when string includes format specifiers2012
1929P3VST Instruments and VST3 Effects listed in plug in manager1929
1892P3Mac accessibility: VoiceOver does not read the categories in Preferences1892
1974P3Mac/Linux: Crash if monitoring too early using JACK1974
1953P3Timer Record: using Custom Mix causes automatic export to be interrupted1953
1919P3Mac: Export with "external program" gives spurious warning and does not output file1919
1847P3Mac accessibility: VoiceOver does not read the names of text boxes1847
2036P3Some AU effects can be enabled but fail to register2036
2007P3Empty folder created on Import if last used import folder does not exist2007
1976P3Scrubbing & Seeking breaks down at 5 x zoom-in levels and greater1976
1921P3With focus on a track, changing settings in a floated toolbar causes the track to lose focus1921
1869P3Crash on close when uncompressed file imported "faster"1869

Fixed since release

IDPStatusSummary (852 tasks) ID
2032P1CLOSEDEqualization: Factory presets for unavailable with cleaned settings (and probably fresh install)2032
1877P1CLOSEDASSERT on recording due to iterators. (MSVC2013).1877
1760P1CLOSEDSave over existing project in a disk-full situation corrupts the project1760
1695P1CLOSEDMIDI notes remain 'on' if playback stopped1695
805P1CLOSEDProjects containing only recorded data can be closed or quit without "Save Changes?" dialogue805
1647P1CLOSEDInitiating scrub from menus whilst playing crashes.1647
2018P1RESOLVEDEqualization does not retain settings2018
1087P1RESOLVEDMoonphase failure to launch Audacity if audacity.cfg has tempdir set to /tmp/audacity1.2.1087
783P1RESOLVEDClosing a subsequent project window causes next playback or recording to crash.783
1690P1RESOLVEDEditing disabled after playing MIDI with C, 1, B, etc.1690
1969P1RESOLVEDWindows: no monitored sound for 15 secs with software playthrough with default MME host1969
1014P1RESOLVEDScrubbing feature retains non-functional mouse pointers and status bar messages.1014
1221P1RESOLVEDChain asserts (Linux) or causes switch away from Audacity (Windows) on completion.1221
1143P1RESOLVEDProgress dialogues only show progress bar, sometimes time elapsed/remaining and sometimes the buttons.1143
2013P1RESOLVEDLinux: Extended ASCII characters in Nyquist plug-ins freeze Audacity2013
1081P1RESOLVEDEqualization settings not saved1081
1944P1RESOLVEDMany "scriptables" link to non-existent pages or incorrect target pages1944
1304P1RESOLVEDStarting Save or Export/Export Multiple directory not set, so is unwritable or requires authentication for most users1304
1682P1RESOLVEDEqualization crashes on apply1682
1006P1RESOLVEDPreview with some built-in effects is from time zero if start of project offset from time zero.1006
1123P1RESOLVEDCrash on Export1123
2005P1RESOLVEDEfects with Preview button. using that button causes crash2005
1934P1RESOLVEDGenerate audio from Nyquist prompt crash1934
1203P1RESOLVEDMac OS X: Clicking in most upper dock toolbars or in the Timeline removes focus.1203
1610P1RESOLVEDUnable to save projects1610
131P1RESOLVEDinitial focus in many dialogs is ok button131
1497P1RESOLVEDTime controls not accepting direct typed input1497
1822P1RESOLVEDCrash undoing during record, using Discard button of History window1822
850P1RESOLVEDCrash at Audacity termination if effect presets are deleted850
1714P1RESOLVEDLinux: MIDI stops working after 26 July 20171714
2000P1RESOLVEDEdit>Duplicate causes Audacity to hang/crash2000
1050P1RESOLVEDLV2 plugins from previous version fail to initialize or re-register1050
737P1RESOLVEDFreeze on launch if FFmpeg 0.6.2 was previously enabled in audacity.cfg.737
1928P1RESOLVEDExport Multiple with a label track present defaults to export by tracks not labels1928
1271P1RESOLVEDMove the Audacity temp dir to a location not scanned by cleanup apps1271
1668?P1RESOLVEDLoss of "click to place gain/pan slider" ability in Track Control Panel. Gain/Pan adjustment boxes opened with mouse have no affect.1668
1880P1RESOLVEDRecording to new track fails on Linux 64-bit1880
1915?P1RESOLVEDWin: Audacity on Windows depends on MSVCP140.dll and VCRUNTIME140.dll1915 fails with https1875
1770P1RESOLVEDCrash applying certain chain files1770
2040?P1RESOLVEDLinux: Assert on recording or generating when main Window minimized2040
1105P1RESOLVEDCrash on opening Plot Spectrum1105
1995P1RESOLVEDStereo waveform corrupted in latest alpha - regression on previous alpha1995
1907P1RESOLVEDMac: Some buttons in effects dialogs have non-transparent background1907
1649P1RESOLVEDFreeze with Truncate Silence1649
1863P1RESOLVEDWindows: Crash when using resampling in (WASAPI) loopback recording1863
1759P1RESOLVEDFailed Saves due to lack of space cause corruption in the original project1759
301P1RESOLVEDSVNhead\win\wxWidgets_additions\setup.h is broken301
1159P1RESOLVEDSound Activated Recording crashes or Freezes1159
1692P1RESOLVEDOpen/Import Segfault if FFmpeg Library is not Found/Installed1692
1344P1RESOLVEDMac: Audacity does not build1344
1900?P1RESOLVEDSample Data Import/Export should both be in the new Tools menu1900
1511P1RESOLVEDMac: Quitting Audacity from Dock with multiple unsaved projects crashes after first Yes or No, then can't recover one of the unsaved projects1511
1147P1RESOLVEDASSERT: Freeze when playing project which has labels1147
2015P1RESOLVEDRecording with sync-locked tracks causes crash2015
1958P1RESOLVEDCrash with Software Playthrough1958
674P1RESOLVEDAudio Unit Plug-ins don't remember last use settings.674
1629P1RESOLVEDEdit Toolbar buttons work once only.1629
854P1RESOLVEDChains created in 2.0.6 will not run in
1937P1RESOLVEDAttempting to generate audio from ;type tools causes crash1937
1887P1RESOLVEDLoop Play with WASAPI host causes Audacity to hang1887
560P1RESOLVEDAudacity may crash if Normalize is applied to a track containing "%" in the track name.560
1716P1RESOLVEDmw2htnl broken by mediawiki updates1716
2002P1RESOLVEDUsing any generator will cause Audacity to crash2002
740P1RESOLVEDVST textual interface has no labels, causes crash740
1931P1RESOLVEDDouble clicking in Timeline/Scrub Ruler gives unwanted debug message1931
1594P1RESOLVEDSaveAs on a named project deletes original project's data.1594
1882P1RESOLVEDStop button is unavailable in Punch&Roll Recording - but Play button is available1882
918P1RESOLVEDAudacity as shipped (without FFmpeg) cannot import MPEG-4 audio918
1812P1RESOLVEDDrag&drop import of Audio considerably slowed/delayed1812
833P1RESOLVEDDuplicate effects appear in menus833
1118P1RESOLVEDCrash opening valid lame_enc.dll from Libraries Preferences.1118
1997P1RESOLVEDSplit Stereo track fails to work1997
1665P1RESOLVEDOnly Pan/Gain sliders in last track responsive.1665
974P1RESOLVEDRegister Effects GUI instructions are incorrect.974
1577P1RESOLVEDApplication configuration file location incorrect on Linux/case-sensitive Macs1577
514P1RESOLVEDMixer Board retains non-existent track after Mix and Render, leading to crash risk514
2045P1RESOLVEDClicky playback with Play-at-Speed and Scrubbing/Seeking2045
1482P1RESOLVEDAppend Record after a normal recording may freeze up on STOP.1482
1912P1RESOLVEDPlay/Stop and Set Cursor no longer sets the cursor at the stopped play position1912
1655P1RESOLVEDInternal Sequence error when cutting or copying1655
158P1RESOLVEDCrash using Sort tracks by Name on imported stereo tracks158
395P1RESOLVEDOrphaned blockfiles are not identified395
890P1RESOLVEDExports and dithering slowed up.890
2035P1RESOLVEDSave Project fails to display error message on Save with overfull disk2035
804P1RESOLVEDBoth the Play and Play-at-speed buttons light up during play804
1991P1RESOLVEDWindows: Nyquist Effects and Analyzers run much slower on 2.3.0 than in 2.2.21991
1032P1RESOLVEDWX3: Audacity does not build on Linux with wx3.0.21032
150P1RESOLVEDGenerate effects truncate the selected region in non-English languages150
380P1RESOLVEDAudacity cannot open Quick Help380
1858P1RESOLVEDSome widgets may not be created in existing plug-ins1858
1756?P1RESOLVEDNo status bar messages for remaining recording time1756
2026P1RESOLVEDStereo waveform, initial channel separator is corrupted2026
1903P1RESOLVEDSample Data Export has duplicate menu entries: Tools & Analyze1903
1950P1RESOLVEDPause mutes and stops head progressing, but does not 'pause' audio.1950
1689P1RESOLVEDMIDI devices not found on Linux1689
1967P1RESOLVEDStuttering playback when changing scrubbing direction (repeatedly)1967
1013P1RESOLVEDMulti-Tool: Status Bar binding for Preferences incorrect if includes COMMAND or CTRL modifier (so wrong by default)1013
681P1RESOLVEDNew number input validation breaks several Nyquist plug-ins681
1220P1RESOLVEDOS X: Audacity's temp dir defaults to location that is cleaned up on reboot.1220
1735P1RESOLVEDCrash when pasting Note selection in Note track that starts after zero1735
2011?P1RESOLVEDLinux: Audacity may stop responding to GUI after opening Label Editor2011
1000P1RESOLVEDDefault View Mode item misnamed in Tracks Preferences1000
1889P1RESOLVEDMac&Linux: 24-bit recording fails with noise being recorded1889
1626P1RESOLVEDPreview of non-RTP effects fails if all the track is selected1626
357P1RESOLVEDmw2html no longer styling pages correctly357
2004P1RESOLVEDCrash when opening Mixer Board if project contains Note track2004
1933P1RESOLVEDAccess Violation if attempting to select whilst playing.1933
1884P1RESOLVEDCrash when there's an error opening recording device.1884
933P1RESOLVEDGenerate Menu non-functional on first installation.933
849P1RESOLVEDCrash or freeze with Spectral edit effects if selection includes track at rate below project rate849
244P1RESOLVEDPortaudio-v19 build fails on Ubuntu with a libtool-related build error244
1999P1RESOLVEDChannel resizing crashes Audacity1999
1926P1RESOLVEDAdjusting Timeline Quick Play loop fails after first adjustment1926
1266P1RESOLVEDFailure to write .cfg files when using Virus Checker.1266
1879P1RESOLVEDAudacity resets project rate without warning1879
523P1RESOLVEDAdding or removing effects modifies existing effects shortcuts523
1808P1RESOLVEDCrash using SBSMS pitch change at low sample rate1808
1114P1RESOLVEDMultiple use of Repeat Last Effect shortcut on short selections crashes Audacity or requires force quit.1114
1914P1RESOLVEDEnh: Clean install needed to update effect/generate/analyze/tools menu for changed plug ins1914
1250P1RESOLVEDMac OS X: Left channel tracks produce more than one selected channel in track dropdown menu.1250
1660P1RESOLVED(Windows) Default track name appears as "Audio Trac ".1660
164P1RESOLVEDCrash when time-sorting unsplit stereo track where left-channel offset exceeds right offset164
1470P1RESOLVEDMac: track dropdown menus and other context menus do not open1470
806P1RESOLVEDQuitting Audacity while recording loses all data.806
1994P1RESOLVEDAudacity crashes on appended recordings in stereo or mono1994
1648P1RESOLVEDCrash clicking Help icon in Spectrograms Settings1648
961P1RESOLVEDPlay cursor broken after double-click scrub play961
2030P1RESOLVEDWindows: Manage dialog in effects has reduced vertical height OK and Cancel buttons2030
1698P1RESOLVEDDefaults button of Keyboard preferences violates assertion in Mac debug build1698
715P1RESOLVEDCrash opening About Audacity in Magyar language.715
1636P1RESOLVED(Mac) Equalization: Crash selecting the "RIAA" or "Telephone" curves1636
1854P1RESOLVEDUn-warned export file overwrite danger in 2.2.2 Chains and 2.3.0 Macros1854
1158P1RESOLVEDWin10: "Could not find any Audio Devices"1158
477P1RESOLVEDEmpty mDigits in TimeTextCtrls cause crash when clicking/arrowing477
1088P1RESOLVEDChains: For equalization, clicking edit parameters causes crash1088
1898P1RESOLVEDLinux: Segfault on resizing toolbars to zero.1898
1224P1RESOLVEDIncorrect zoom level when importing short uncompressed files when import uncompressed warning is turned off1224
1683P1RESOLVEDVersion 4 Nyquist effects crash when applied to stereo tracks1683
1957P1RESOLVEDOverdub disabled when enabled in Transport menu1957
1007P1RESOLVEDIncorrect URL's in Windows installer1007
673P1RESOLVEDInstaller language choice unintuitive to users wanting Audacity in English while Windows is in localised language673
1891P1RESOLVEDCrash if "unnamed" curve deleted from Equalization effect1891
1216P1RESOLVEDCrash when "answering" No to exporting with unsupported extension.1216
1628P1RESOLVEDTracks > Align items two submenus deep1628
2008P1RESOLVEDContrast returns wrong value for stereo tracks2008
1935P1RESOLVEDAudacity crashes if selection dragged beyond main window1935
1886P1RESOLVEDSluggish behaviour caused by the large time taken to draw the Track Control Panel1886
1614P1RESOLVEDCrash duplicating a clip1614
559P1RESOLVEDAudio tracks containing multiple short clips do not play all of the clips.559
251P1RESOLVEDSegfault when overdub recording with pulse251
2001P1RESOLVEDSome Analyzers cause Audacity to crash on completion2001
1390P1RESOLVEDEnabled Snap To crashes on new project or Audacity launch1390
1930P1RESOLVEDAppend Record does not display right channel and bottom half of TCP1930
1669P1RESOLVEDFitting multiple tracks removes Track Dropdown Menu and Track Close button1669
1811P1RESOLVEDMultiple use of "Save As" to the existing open project can result in data corruption/loss1811
1996P1RESOLVEDAudacity crashes when you resize a track with Click&Drag1996
1045P1RESOLVEDCalf, Tal, Fomp and MDA LV2 generators crash Audacity.1045
1662P1RESOLVEDcommands in TCP for audio tracks & label tracks cause a crash1662
2041P1RESOLVEDNyquist: Generating audio at a point within a track, deletes audio after the generated audio2041
808P1RESOLVEDCrash when editing Chain parameters of LV2 effects.808
1110P1RESOLVEDWindows 8.1/10 crash using File > Open, > Import or > Save Project1110
1908P1RESOLVEDNormalize effect amplifies to wrong level1908
1866P1RESOLVEDMac: Sliders have black backgrounds when building on wx3.1.11866
2034P1RESOLVEDMac: first use of Record on 64-bit Audacity causes EGAs, Exports, Imports and Saves to be grayed out2034
1103P1RESOLVEDkey binding issues1103
1640P1RESOLVEDReset Toolbars reduces Selection Toolbar to a stub1640
953P1RESOLVEDWX3: Audacity does not compile if LV2 is enabled in configure.953
1856P1RESOLVEDApplying Macros to Files is no longer a batch process1856
2025P1RESOLVEDWindows: WASAPI: seek commands during playback can cause crash2025
1148P1RESOLVEDCrashes during play if you use the History window commands1148
2016P1RESOLVEDMultiple problems with Change Pitch2016
1318P1RESOLVEDMac: Window close button on an effect loses all focus, requiring force quit1318
1688P1RESOLVEDMIDI Note tracks can be stretched beyond the Note track boundary - making notes inaccessible1688
195P1RESOLVEDOpening and closing any project empties the _data folder195
1011P1RESOLVEDUpgraders from 2.1.0 can't see how to add plug-ins or enable disabled built-in effects without scrolling the Effect Menu.1011
1219P1RESOLVEDClipping hold indicator does not display until stream is stopped.1219
947P1RESOLVEDMany built-in, Nyquist, LADPSA and LV2 effects fail with validation errors in many non-English locales.947
1507P1RESOLVEDProject may be overwritten by new project without warning1507
1141P1RESOLVEDKeyboard shortcuts active when editing track name1141
655P1RESOLVEDFiles can only be opened by drag in or using Audacity menus655
1888P1RESOLVEDWindows: Recording with WASAPI at 16-bit creates only noise bursts or silence1888
2003P1RESOLVEDMix commands non-functional2003
1397P1RESOLVEDLinux: Segfault saving a project containing audio1397
990P1RESOLVEDSHIFT to seek during scrub completely unreliable.990
1595P1RESOLVEDCorrupting or truncating a .aup file leads to deletion of block files.1595
1883P1RESOLVEDAppend recording Stereo with a mono track present only records left channel, loses/discards the right1883
1998P1RESOLVEDSplit New fails to work - hangs Audacity1998
1047P1RESOLVEDVocal Reduction and Isolation not being shipped despite reference to it in 2.1.1 Release Notes.1047
1666P1RESOLVEDMixer Board displays duplicate instances of Stereo tracks1666
977P1RESOLVEDNo way to disable project scroll/zoom away from zero.977
1192P1RESOLVEDAdding/Removing effects locks up Audacity.1192
517P1RESOLVEDPressing "Defaults" in Keyboard Prefs then cancelling corrupts shortcuts and Effect Menu517
1484P1RESOLVEDCannot one-step extend/contract selections vertically or horizontally to specific tracks1484
818P1RESOLVEDCrash in DirManager.cpp code818
1913P1RESOLVEDMac: Audacity will not work with future versions of macOS1913
160P1RESOLVEDTracks containing silence pasted into a different project have truncated silence160
1873P1RESOLVEDExport with "external program" deletes output file on closing output dialog1873
2037P1RESOLVEDLibraries prefs online Manual page for FFmpeg is a non-existent page in the Manual2037
1992P1RESOLVEDLinux: built-in real-time preview effects crash1992
1034P1RESOLVEDCrash in auto-save related code -- unsafe downcast1034
1236P1RESOLVEDAudio files cannot be dragged into the project window.1236
960P1RESOLVEDProject Recovery crashes on Drive S:/960
1859P1RESOLVEDMacros on files - Save Project causes overwrites. thus loses data1859
2028?P1RESOLVEDMac: Audacity crashes when right clicking in label after copying label text to ano app2028
1096P1RESOLVEDCrash changing view in Track Dropdown menu when zoomed in to sample level.1096
1697P1RESOLVEDModifying selection with Snap-To is wrong1697
1570P2CLOSEDMac: libmp3lame.dylib blocked by gatekeeper, when running as guest.1570
1225P2CLOSEDImporting a file causes exports to default to wrong extension.1225
987P2CLOSEDYosemite (mainly): Moonphase crashes after recording or monitoring in second project987
41P2CLOSEDEnh: Changes in available devices not detected without rescan or restart41
979P2CLOSEDYosemite or later: Moonphase crashes when saving projects/importing/exporting.979
300P2CLOSEDSummary: Building and linking issues.300
1028P2CLOSEDSpectral edit effects work or don't work on hidden spectral selections in Spectrogram* views, depending on platform.1028
1355P2CLOSED"Other uncompressed files" does not (visually) update target file extension according to the chosen "Header" type1355
73P2CLOSEDEnh: Chains: all effects should remember settings applied via chain and Effect menu independently73
1876P2CLOSEDWin10: Privacy settings may block Audacity from using microphone.1876
1708P2CLOSEDMac: MDA LV2 effects crash when applying in a chain1708
606P2CLOSEDFFmpeg: Security vulnerabilities in versions < 1.0.7606
1781P2CLOSEDmw2html: Is not converting sidebar links1781
699P2CLOSEDText input returns default value in Nyquist plug-ins699
373P2RESOLVEDErratic behaviour when dragging tracks vertically373
1853P2RESOLVEDMac: Macros window is non-modal - project window moves to front after some operations1853
1752P2RESOLVEDWindows: Saved project will not open if AUP contains supplementary characters.1752
1437P2RESOLVEDEditing a label causes misbehavior1437
1951P2RESOLVEDWindows: Custom FFmpeg Export - debug failure msg1951
672P2RESOLVEDConfiguration error launching Audacity on fresh Windows XP installation.672
1340P2RESOLVEDSync-Lock Tracks ignores generated audio.1340
594P2RESOLVEDKeyboard Preferences: Shortcuts changes imported from XML file removed after "OK"594
1509P2RESOLVEDLinux: ASSERT / possible crash OK'ing Preferences with label track present, project window resized to small width1509
1839P2RESOLVEDInconsistent behavior when recording with a selection defined1839
274P2RESOLVEDFFmpeg crash: SIGSEGV in memcpy() on WMA export (fixable by bug 176 patch)274
765P2RESOLVEDDelays using Edit commands and Draw Tool in long projects.765
1890?P2RESOLVEDEnh: Punch and Roll fails when splice point is at track end1890
1214P2RESOLVEDImport Raw Data cannot be used in Polish language.1214
1627P2RESOLVEDScrub/Seek when the selected playback device is unavailable spawns continual errors, requiring force quit1627
940P2RESOLVEDFLAC import and export slower than in
361P2RESOLVEDAbility to exclude foreign language pages from local copy of help.361
1726P2RESOLVEDLinux: MIDI playback timing / synchronisation problems1726
258P2RESOLVEDMixer Board: max peak and clipping lines removed258
1061P2RESOLVEDChinese (Simplified) missing from Interface Preferences.1061
1404P2RESOLVEDVSTs with bypass button cease to function if the plugin is closed with bypass button unchecked.1404
1282P2RESOLVEDTracks > Stereo To Mono is not removed from menu if disabled in Plug-in Manager but is disabled for session and crashes if used.1282
648P2RESOLVEDCUnicodeTextension file import crashes648
992P2RESOLVEDHistory size calculation incorrect for large amount of data and for reused data.992
1599P2RESOLVEDCannot paste clipboard text into label unless content already on Audacity clipboard1599
1885P2RESOLVEDLinux: Recording with ALSA device fails if started too quickly1885
557P2RESOLVEDSliding Time Scale: crashes at end of processing on 32-bit Windows557
250P2RESOLVEDPan sliders sometimes not drawn in Mixer Board250
980P2RESOLVEDFull path required to import/open a file from command-line.980
174P2RESOLVEDSegfault with multiple ALSA devices174
1590P2RESOLVEDMac: Duplicate working plugins not removed from previous installation1590
906P2RESOLVEDContrast tool applied when no tracks in project causes crash906
1195P2RESOLVEDProject window title bar/buttons hidden under the menu bar1195
925P2RESOLVEDCrash when scrubbing to before zero925
1810P2RESOLVEDVertical Zoom in by clicking in the vertical Scale, or context menu, in waveform views is inconsistent.1810
1116P2RESOLVEDNo metering or waveform during Timer Record.1116
1037P2RESOLVEDMinsrc tarball lacks LV2 so will disable it on systems that lack the required developer packages.1037
969P2RESOLVEDResuming paused scrubbing causes erratic playhead movement/audio breakup969
508P2RESOLVEDChains: Chain removed even if you say "No" to prompt.508
315P2RESOLVEDadd version info to Log creates "Information" box on Mac that breaks launching with files315
807P2RESOLVEDFFmpeg load from .cfg path fails if correctly named but incompatible libs exist in PATH.807
1706P2RESOLVEDExporting MIDI may be unavailable when Note tracks are present1706
1242P2RESOLVEDPlaying audio while Ambience VST is open crashes Audacity.1242
604P2RESOLVEDCrash with Repair Effect604
156P2RESOLVED"Resample" to project rate truncates audio (Linux and OS X)156
887P2RESOLVEDCrash using File > Close on project window when Screenshot Tools is open.887
1101P2RESOLVEDEnabling recording meter before recording gives repeatable crash1101
1457P2RESOLVEDTransport Menu "Scrub" and "Seek" do not correctly indicate when either Scrubbing mode is active1457
1699P2RESOLVEDSelected keyboard prefs line unreadable in 3 of 4 themes on Mac1699
1988P2RESOLVEDMissing block files possible after unusual inter-project copy-paste case1988
717P2RESOLVEDTruncate Silence sometimes creates clicks in the silences717
377P2RESOLVEDBelow-scroll R channel of stereo track doesn't drag horizontally if Sync-Lock off377
1754P2RESOLVED(Mac) Equalization: "Telephone" curve displays a flat line, no sound on Preview1754
2020P2RESOLVEDTracks in a sync-lock group can be sync locked when none in the group is selected2020
1089P2RESOLVEDSpectrogram and Spectrogram log(f) views cannot be selected1089
787P2RESOLVEDSegfault exporting FFmpeg format to write-protected folder787
1P2RESOLVEDThe very first bug1
1977?P2RESOLVEDUsing Spectrogram Settings in TCP or using Preferences causes Audacity to reset Project Rate to default rate in Quality Preferences1977
1022P2RESOLVEDFreezing and Menu corruption when using locales that are not included with OS X.1022
368P2RESOLVEDFor AU plug-ins, separate scan from load368
1845P2RESOLVEDDeletion of all tracks cannot be undone1845
1084P2RESOLVEDVST: Some effects do not preview the chosen factory or user preset unless it is chosen while playing.1084
1429P2RESOLVEDMac: VST plugins cause "Audacity quit unexpectedly" thread crash when first registered1429
1010P2RESOLVEDPlug-In Manager Effects GUI must be used to register some shipped effects including plugins1010
1893P2RESOLVEDspurious plug-in reg error message for VidPlayVST32 (and others)1893
1217P2RESOLVED"Other uncompressed files" exports saved with incorrect extension.1217
945P2RESOLVEDRegistered VST and LADSPA plugins deregistered on rescan.945
1829P2RESOLVEDExporting audio in compressed formats to device with insufficient space produces inconsistent/truncated results1829
27P2RESOLVEDCustom FFmpeg Export Options window oversized on 800x60027
263P2RESOLVEDPaste into a track at a different sample rate is not resampled263
2009P2RESOLVEDWindows and Linux: Intermittent truncation of the end of a recording2009
1073P2RESOLVEDMac: Audacity language set to "System" sets Traditional Chinese and Brazilian Portuguese incorrectly.1073
1676P2RESOLVED(Linux) Tracks not repainted after vertical move or pending mouse release.1676
650P2RESOLVEDIncorrect "shaped" dither when exporting stereo WAV files650
1603P2RESOLVED(mac) AUNBandEQ crashes Audacity1603
936P2RESOLVEDmod-nyq-bench fails to build936
133P2RESOLVEDEnh: Play-at-Speed slider: Change of playback speed is no longer automatic133
1506P2RESOLVEDLinux: gcc 4.9 requirement not warned about until building1506
1391P2RESOLVEDAudio track loses focus on stop1391
1670P2RESOLVEDMoonphase crashes using screenshot tools and toolbars.1670
177P2RESOLVEDUnwanted label appears if pasting audio when there are already labels177
1197?P2RESOLVEDExtreme zoomed in levels move view, losing cursor or selection.1197
930P2RESOLVEDAmplify initialises to Preview and OK greyed out.930
113P2RESOLVEDDependencies dialogue not safe against user error113
1046P2RESOLVEDLADSPA Hard Limiter incorrectly included on Mac1046
1377P2RESOLVEDCrash after Audacity starts and low disk space warning appears.1377
1917P2RESOLVEDonce the focus is in a toolbar you cannot return the focus to a track using the mouse1917
627P2RESOLVEDEqualization settings are modified when switching between views627
170P2RESOLVEDSliding Time Scale segfault applying extreme settings with sharpening170
898P2RESOLVEDCrash closing Track Gain or Pan adjustment box on Mac.898
1191P2RESOLVEDGain or pan sliders in all tracks move when playing or recording.1191
328P2RESOLVEDExport aborted or misdirected if overwriting a missing aliased file328
1111P2RESOLVEDExport options not operable in Export Multiple1111
1244P2RESOLVEDWindows: Vamp: QM 1.7.1 plugins crash Audacity on opening Plug-in Manager.1244
1561P2RESOLVEDMac Snow Leopard: Can't recover projects using Automatic Crash Recovery1561
310P2RESOLVEDSHIFT-click before left-click in a re-opened stereo project only selects in one channel310
1460P2RESOLVEDMoonphase: Bass and Treble cannot be opened when audio is playing or does not affect playback1460
1783P2RESOLVEDPreview fails when selection extends before zero1783
9P2RESOLVEDProjects crash when clicking around in interface9
1702P2RESOLVEDMac: Summary: LAME, FFmpeg and other dll loading woes.1702
216P2RESOLVEDVST processing 4 to 12 times slower than in 1.3.8216
1227P2RESOLVEDOSX: Audacity "System" language choice always produces English irrespective of Mac system locale.1227
1641P2RESOLVEDPanel navigation accelerators don't appear in the menus1641
956P2RESOLVEDScrub play usability issues956
482P2RESOLVEDSliding Time Scale / Pitch Shift produces wrong effect on Ubuntu 64-bit.482
1094P2RESOLVEDFLAC exports include the wrong FLAC version number in header1094
1338P2RESOLVEDMac: Opening non-RTP effect while Voxengo Span is open freezes Audacity, as does opening Span options.1338
3P2RESOLVEDSpurious "not writable/disk full" errors when saving projects.3
1980P2RESOLVEDNVDA screen reader does not handle empty prompt strings.1980
1024P2RESOLVEDCheck for updates fails1024
1347P2RESOLVEDDivide by zero crash on launch with specific audacity.cfg1347
698P2RESOLVEDReverb and Paulstretch missing from Chains698
948P2RESOLVEDMost built-in effects removed after Effect > More... then restart when in Serbian (Cyrillic).948
372P2RESOLVEDMP2 files / misnamed MP3 files not importable without FFmpeg or import rule372
1517P2RESOLVEDEqualization: Graphic Sliders are zeroed and unusable on reopening the effect1517
1852P2RESOLVEDCtrl+M does not open label for editing1852
286P2RESOLVEDlast digit of TimeText controls can't be manipulated for hh:mm:ss + milliseconds or NTSC formats286
2017P2RESOLVEDNormalize may destroy audio when "Normalize stereo channels independently" is selected.2017
1086P2RESOLVEDMouse Preferences: Bindings on Mac show Ctrl instead of Command1086
1432P2RESOLVEDMac: Undocking Toolbars removes track focus, and drag or resize of undocked toolbars removes the control's focus border1432
777P2RESOLVEDSelections made with Selection Toolbar are not restored after Undo777
1319P2RESOLVEDWindows: Excessive delays repeatedly opening/closing long projects (sometimes)1319
1896P2RESOLVEDLinux: Resizing the device toolbar judders badly1896
1632P2RESOLVEDExports in excess of about 24 hours are silently truncated1632
1508P2RESOLVEDScrubbing: Release mouse to exit Scrub Mode started by click & drag in Scrub Ruler no longer working1508
857P2RESOLVEDCrashes on close or quit (after data is saved) when system language is not English857
458P2RESOLVEDMenu Bar disappears after closing Preferences on many recent distributions458
1418P2RESOLVEDtrack focus problem1418
1943P2RESOLVEDNyquist prompt loses data when Audacity is closed1943
1299P2RESOLVEDTrack loses focus after applying a Chain to the project.1299
1681P2RESOLVEDDark Highlighting is unreadable.1681
658P2RESOLVEDVST and Modules dialogues prevent files opening658
1213P2RESOLVEDSpectrogram Default View Mode misnamed as "Spectrum".1213
938P2RESOLVEDAudio longer than 2^31 samples is visually corrupted.938
444P2RESOLVEDView > History in empty project causes crash444
1719P2RESOLVEDMIDI: stretching with sync-locked tracks causes a crash1719
257P2RESOLVEDMixer Board Track Strips sometimes overlap.257
1401P2RESOLVEDLinux: ASSERT (Intermittent) opening new projects.1401
756P2RESOLVEDUndo fails silently when there are several clips in the track756
1277P2RESOLVEDUndoing edits made in Spectrogram view with spectral content present undoes track spectrogram settings.1277
180P2RESOLVEDSegfault closing effect preview window180
1596P2RESOLVEDCrash opening menu of some AU effects.1596
1199P2RESOLVEDExport multiple by labels when offset tracks exist adds silence to exported files.1199
1608P2RESOLVEDLV2 Chain problems: LV2s crash when used in Chains1608
544P2RESOLVEDSpecious "Couldn't find symbol 'MainPanelFunc' " message in log544
123P2RESOLVEDGenerating inside a clip can modify the clip length or create spurious clips123
345P2RESOLVEDOn upgrade from 1.3.12 to 1.3.13 Device Toolbar not enabled345
1496P2RESOLVEDMouse down while undoing in Envelope Tool corrupts Undo stack1496
1814P2RESOLVEDDropping .SO files on Audacity window may segfault1814
1122P2RESOLVEDShortcuts do not reassign properly1122
1667P2RESOLVEDVertical Scale Zoom Out is broken1667
905P2RESOLVEDChains do not use saved settings for LADSPA effects905
330P2RESOLVEDMissing audio warning may be in wrong project's window when using multiple projects.330
823P2RESOLVEDArmenian language missing from Mac823
968P2RESOLVEDStatus bar message for scrubbing refers to old UI968
1567P2RESOLVEDMac Sierra: LAME, FFmpeg and some plugins disappear. (intermittent)1567
1874P2RESOLVEDAssert / crash if Export format in audacity.cfg is invalid1874
1183P2RESOLVEDLinux: Spectrograms settings too tall for netbook screens and high dpi monitors1183
1768P2RESOLVEDLocal Manual says 'offline' in the footer and 'development' in the title.1768
313P2RESOLVEDFFmpeg crash: WMA and other imported files313
2039P2RESOLVEDMacros: Reload parameter not remembered.2039
1788P2RESOLVEDAppend Record (default)n does not add Clip line between recordings1788
1704P2RESOLVEDImport and Open default to the Audacity app's installation folder1704
1370P2RESOLVEDmw2html: Filipino pages present.1370
1239P2RESOLVEDImporting multiple files into new project windows produces waveform, but incorrect length on Timeline.1239
603P2RESOLVEDCrash using Undo while dragging sample points603
388P2RESOLVEDMac: Recording Preferences has an unsupported "Hardware Playthrough" option388
1861P2RESOLVEDSplitLabels command fails in Macros1861
1169P2RESOLVEDSpectrogram scale range setting only applied for linear scale1169
489P2RESOLVEDRead Directly uncompressed audio produces incorrect Normalize in Chains489
1097P2RESOLVEDTrack artist errors caused by new macros in Audacity.h1097
1451P2RESOLVEDOn Mac the background of the Pinned/Unpinned button is not the same color as the Timeline1451
6P2RESOLVEDEdit Labels: "start/end times display as zero" fix breaks screen reading ability.6
211P2RESOLVEDSegfault launching 1.3.12 on FreeBSD (patch attached)211
1983P2RESOLVEDPreference updates do not preserve toolbar widths1983
950P2RESOLVEDNo longer any way to see just 'New' plug ins that haven't been seen before.950
147P2RESOLVEDMetadata in imported files can cause the .aup to store unhandled characters147
1522P2RESOLVEDNo pointer or Status Bar indication of CTRL-click in waveform to move selection boundary1522
1753P2RESOLVEDpressing enter to press the meter drop down buttons is broken1753
290P2RESOLVEDMac: LAME: Audacity looks for LAME in a restricted folder that Mac no longer supports290
2019P2RESOLVEDScriptables: Set Envelope allows envelope points at zero which can cause NaNs2019
1438P2RESOLVEDHorizontal scroll bar doesn't work1438
1325P2RESOLVEDMac: Dragging a selection horizontally does not scroll the project.1325
199P2RESOLVEDFind Clipping always reports number of samples in run as zero199
1970P2RESOLVEDMissing tick marks in Timeline1970
1017P2RESOLVEDDisabled built-in effects re-registered on restart.1017
1342P2RESOLVEDLoop-Play, play-one-second, and other before standard scrub, transcription, or Quick Play stops the window scrolling.1342
686P2RESOLVEDReverb: Access keys missing686
367P2RESOLVEDCrash dragging a clip between tracks that are within a Sync-Locked and labelled group367
1844P2RESOLVEDNyquist effects move subsequent envelope points by selection's length1844
1427P2RESOLVEDSummary: Wording Issues1427
766P2RESOLVEDCorrupted device names when running non-English system language766
1946?P2RESOLVEDNyquist ;type tool effects crash if returning labels from Nyquist1946
1306P2RESOLVEDTracks > Align Tracks and > Move Selection when Aligning shortcuts no longer work1306
941P2RESOLVEDAutoduck: problems with preview941
1828P2RESOLVEDESC to abort drag of a toolbar does not restore state correctly1828
851P2RESOLVEDTrack dropdown menu settings may affect other tracks851
1128P2RESOLVEDHelp > Generate Support Data missing1128
448P2RESOLVEDWAV export corrupt if imported file has metadata after data448
26P2RESOLVEDIf aliased files become unavailable, audio silenced silently26
1727P2RESOLVEDSpacebar may not start / stop playback1727
1675P2RESOLVEDEditing Cursor in High Contrast Theme Is Very hard to See1675
1204P2RESOLVEDASSERT: Crash when pressing both mouse buttons over toolbar buttons1204
935P2RESOLVEDMac/Win: Old modules shipped with Audacity 1.3.x crash Audacity after enabling the modules in Preferences.935
350P2RESOLVEDPlay/Record shortcuts block other shortcuts if Device Toolbar is already selected350
1502P2RESOLVEDVST and AU: effects preview incorrectly if track rate not 44100 Hz or project rate differs from track rate1502
739P2RESOLVEDExporting using (external program) crashes if unrecognised binary/wrong path or command syntax incorrect739
1272P2RESOLVEDMixdown export shows no progress if one or more tracks are much shorter than the others.1272
641P2RESOLVEDMoonphase: Append record with overdub may cause spurious playthrough and may crash.641
983P2RESOLVEDAll "Other uncompressed" exports add WAV extension (AIFF on Mac) regardless of chosen header.983
409P2RESOLVEDSilencing in "This session only" deletes the _data folder if it is empty409
1881P2RESOLVEDTruncate Silence shows a spurious unnecessary info error and resets user's previous settings1881
528P2RESOLVEDRendering across splits can produce samples with value 0528
927P2RESOLVEDAmplify does not adjust signal level after Preview927
1492P2RESOLVEDUsing Scrub Ruler to start Scrub or then change to Seek removes the selection1492
1117P2RESOLVEDCrash when reverb applied or previewed with stereo width = 01117
437P2RESOLVEDWrite fails without error message box on disk full437
1375P2RESOLVEDSync-Lock Tracks: Generate or paste at the start of a track or clip removes audio in sync-lock selected tracks.1375
1916P2RESOLVEDPlay at Speed - scrub widget appears unnecessarily1916
166P2RESOLVEDpeaks above 0 dB have polarity inverted when exported as 24- or 32-bit signed PCM WAV166
1575P2RESOLVEDWhen label tracks exist, Nyquist effects run extremely slowly1575
324P2RESOLVEDUser is not warned before importing aliased files of the dangers324
1478P2RESOLVEDCannot generate or record after starting and stopping Scrub Mode with no audio present1478
1243P2RESOLVEDAudacity may open with too small width/height when not maximised on previous close1243
1560P2RESOLVEDRTP effects: Repeatable crash using Track Dropdown Menu to split during transport1560
889P2RESOLVEDLinux: Audacity does not build with EXPERIMENTAL_MIDI_OUT defined.889
1172P2RESOLVEDAfter saving a project, focus gets lost1172
304P2RESOLVEDNoise Removal crash304
1458P2RESOLVEDScrubbing Toolbar buttons do not update to show the action they will perform1458
799P2RESOLVEDRecording meter not activated by pressing record799
8P2RESOLVEDBoundary drawing problem with Generate and SoundTouch8
1701P2RESOLVEDMac: Text descriptors in Selection Toolbar become invisible after Open command1701
215P2RESOLVEDTruncate Silence crashes with wxWidgets 2.8.9 (truncation when no audio below the threshold now fixed)215
1990P2RESOLVEDLinux: Shipped Nyquist plug-ins are not translated on Linux1990
1031P2RESOLVEDSpectral edit* effects missing from and so don't get installed1031
1358P2RESOLVEDOS X: Floated toolbars and Screenshot window disappear when Audacity loses focus.1358
599P2RESOLVEDEqualization: syntax error in the default loaded XML file causes crash599
1163P2RESOLVEDVST: Audiocation Phase crashes when reopened.1163
1755?P2RESOLVEDSliders in toolbars cannot be changed using arrow keys1755
1090P2RESOLVEDSync-Lock graphics shown in tracks when Sync-Lock is off1090
205P2RESOLVEDTime Tracks that slow down the audio result in truncated exports205
1978P2RESOLVEDWindows: Timer Record - a "debugging check" dialog is shown to the user1978
1902P2RESOLVED"Nyquist Prompt" confusingly shown only as "Nyquist" when "Grouped by Type" is active1902
1226P2RESOLVEDPlot Spectrum freezes first time in a project if insufficient samples selected.1226
1851P2RESOLVEDTimer Record with a selection present can get a truncated recording with data loss1851
1749P2RESOLVEDTimer record dialog: wxWidgets assert failure1749
1085P2RESOLVEDSome special keyboard playback commands don't activate1085
1430?P2RESOLVEDScrubbing Toolbar position does not default correctly with audacity.cfg saved by 2.0.x, may crash on Reset Toolbars1430
1962P2RESOLVEDNyquist effect dialog labels not translated1962
679P2RESOLVEDIncorrect keyboard preferences for "Snap To"679
1894P2RESOLVEDMulti-byte characters in metadata tag names cause FLAC export to fail and Audacity may crash1894
1630P2RESOLVEDAccessibility of the length/end radio buttons1630
584P2RESOLVEDQuit while importing causes crash584
1831P2RESOLVEDIn Export Multiple Cancel does not remove the file that is in progress when export fails or Cancel is chosen1831
855P2RESOLVEDData loss undoing sample edit while mouse is down855
28P2RESOLVEDCtrl+Mouse Wheel causes crash (hang)28
1732P2RESOLVEDhelp buttons for built-in generators go direct to online manual even when there is a local manual1732
2010P2RESOLVEDScriptables: SelectTracks and Select incorrect for stereo tracks2010
1415?P2RESOLVEDDevice Toolbar menus not displayed1415
1296P2RESOLVEDZooming to maximum in longer multi-clip tracks crashes in all clips except the last.1296
1677P2RESOLVEDSwap two tracks and escape leads to crash on exit.1677
1206P2RESOLVEDToolbar height too small when not docked1206
561P2RESOLVEDTimer Record Start/End/Duration interdependence broken, so End Date gets stuck in future561
937P2RESOLVEDMouse use in tracks fails after using keyboard shortcut to stop scrubbing.937
20P2RESOLVEDUnreliable Automatic Crash Recovery.20
1718P2RESOLVEDMac: Impossible to Import Audio Unit Presets1718
1932P2RESOLVEDScrubbing (and Play-at-speed) with WASAPI host (MSW only) or very short buffer preference (on Mac also) is very clicketty1932
1672P2RESOLVEDOS window close button crashes Audacity if Screenshot Tools are open. File > Close hides Screenshot tools and then any closure method crashes Audacity.1672
922P2RESOLVEDSome VST plugins crash/freeze Audacity when playback reaches end of selection922
539P2RESOLVEDAudacity does not build if configured --without-ffmpeg539
931P2RESOLVEDM4A and WMA files exported with incorrect extension.931
1495P2RESOLVEDScrub Toolbar is default-enabled for upgraders1495
1120P2RESOLVEDMouse over Format or Rate in track dropdown menu crash1120
231P2RESOLVEDCut Preview should play all selected/sync-locked tracks, respecting Mute/Solo during preview231
1378P2RESOLVEDScreenshot Tools images are mostly white background only.1378
1918P2RESOLVEDRight to Left (RTL) language cannot be undone using preferences.1918
1257P2RESOLVEDVST Amplio2: Crash after enabling or in real-time playback.1257
172P2RESOLVEDSliding Time Scale effect: reversed pitch change and broken > 44100 Hz172
1580P2RESOLVEDEnh: New default directory for Save and Export .../Documents/Audacity1580
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