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This page contains details of Audacity problems that are identified after release of the current version, and so are not included in the "Known Issues at Release" section of the Release Notes. This page will be cleared after each release of Audacity, as all issues will by then either be fixed or appear as known issues in the Release Notes for the new version.
Please do not use this page to report problems you are having with Audacity or suspected bugs, as it will not be regularly checked by the support team. Instead, please see our Reporting Bugs page for advice on how to identify your problem and report it to us if you need to.

Active issues

IDPSummary (13 tasks) ID
1932P1Scrubbing (and Play-at-speed) with WASAPI host (MSW only) or very short buffer preference (on Mac also) is very clicketty1932
1915P1Win: Audacity on Windows depends on MSVCP140.dll and VCRUNTIME140.dll1915
1913P2Mac: Audacity will not work with future versions of macOS1913
1920P3Mac: undocking any tool removes track focus1920
1892P3Mac accessibility: VoiceOver does not read the categories in Preferences1892
1929P3VST Instruments and VST3 Effects listed in plug in manager1929
1847P3Mac accessibility: VoiceOver does not read the names of text boxes1847
1919P3Mac: Export with "external program" gives spurious warning and does not output file1919
1869P3Crash on close when uncompressed file imported "faster"1869
1921P3With focus on a track, changing settings in a floated toolbar causes the track to lose focus1921
1904P3Audio offset not honored in Export/Export Multiple/Export Selection1904
1846P3Mac accessibility: VoiceOver does not read the names of tracks1846
1848P3Mac accessibility: VoiceOver does not read the name of choice controls1848

Fixed since release

IDPStatusSummary (86 tasks) ID
1877P1CLOSEDASSERT on recording due to iterators. (MSVC2013).1877
1926P1RESOLVEDAdjusting Timeline Quick Play loop fails after first adjustment1926 fails with https1875
1908P1RESOLVEDNormalize effect amplifies to wrong level1908
1863P1RESOLVEDWindows: Crash when using resampling in (WASAPI) loopback recording1863
1888P1RESOLVEDWindows: Recording with WASAPI at 16-bit creates only noise bursts or silence1888
1882P1RESOLVEDStop button is unavailable in Punch&Roll Recording - but Play button is available1882
1937P1RESOLVEDAttempting to generate audio from ;type tools causes crash1937
1930P1RESOLVEDAppend Record does not display right channel and bottom half of TCP1930
1914P1RESOLVEDEnh: Clean install needed to update effect/generate/analyze/tools menu for changed plug ins1914
1858P1RESOLVEDSome widgets may not be created in existing plug-ins1858
1884P1RESOLVEDCrash when there's an error opening recording device.1884
1933P1RESOLVEDAccess Violation if attempting to select whilst playing.1933
1879P1RESOLVEDAudacity resets project rate without warning1879
1907P1RESOLVEDMac: Some buttons in effects dialogs have non-transparent background1907
1900?P1RESOLVEDSample Data Import/Export should both be in the new Tools menu1900
1854P1RESOLVEDUn-warned export file overwrite danger in 2.2.2 Chains and 2.3.0 Macros1854
1887P1RESOLVEDLoop Play with WASAPI host causes Audacity to hang1887
1756?P1RESOLVEDNo status bar messages for remaining recording time1756
1935P1RESOLVEDAudacity crashes if selection dragged beyond main window1935
1928P1RESOLVEDExport Multiple with a label track present defaults to export by tracks not labels1928
1912P1RESOLVEDPlay/Stop and Set Cursor no longer sets the cursor at the stopped play position1912
1866P1RESOLVEDMac: Sliders have black backgrounds when building on wx3.1.11866
1903P1RESOLVEDSample Data Export has duplicate menu entries: Tools & Analyze1903
1856P1RESOLVEDApplying Macros to Files is no longer a batch process1856
1889P1RESOLVEDMac&Linux: 24-bit recording fails with noise being recorded1889
1883P1RESOLVEDAppend recording Stereo with a mono track present only records left channel, loses/discards the right1883
1931P1RESOLVEDDouble clicking in Timeline/Scrub Ruler gives unwanted debug message1931
1873P1RESOLVEDExport with "external program" deletes output file on closing output dialog1873
1859P1RESOLVEDMacros on files - Save Project causes overwrites. thus loses data1859
1898P1RESOLVEDLinux: Segfault on resizing toolbars to zero.1898
1891P1RESOLVEDCrash if "unnamed" curve deleted from Equalization effect1891
1886P1RESOLVEDSluggish behaviour caused by the large time taken to draw the Track Control Panel1886
1880P1RESOLVEDRecording to new track fails on Linux 64-bit1880
1511P1RESOLVEDMac: Quitting Audacity from Dock with multiple unsaved projects crashes after first Yes or No, then can't recover one of the unsaved projects1511
1934P1RESOLVEDGenerate audio from Nyquist prompt crash1934
1355P2CLOSED"Other uncompressed files" does not (visually) update target file extension according to the chosen "Header" type1355
1876P2CLOSEDWin10: Privacy settings may block Audacity from using microphone.1876
1244P2RESOLVEDWindows: Vamp: QM 1.7.1 plugins crash Audacity on opening Plug-in Manager.1244
1902P2RESOLVED"Nyquist Prompt" confusingly shown only as "Nyquist" when "Grouped by Type" is active1902
1894P2RESOLVEDMulti-byte characters in metadata tag names cause FLAC export to fail and Audacity may crash1894
1845P2RESOLVEDDeletion of all tracks cannot be undone1845
1432P2RESOLVEDMac: Undocking Toolbars removes track focus, and drag or resize of undocked toolbars removes the control's focus border1432
1852P2RESOLVEDCtrl+M does not open label for editing1852
42P2RESOLVEDTimer Record occasionally carries on recording past the scheduled end, requiring force quit42
1890?P2RESOLVEDEnh: Punch and Roll fails when splice point is at track end1890
1810P2RESOLVEDVertical Zoom in by clicking in the vertical Scale, or context menu, in waveform views is inconsistent.1810
1509P2RESOLVEDLinux: ASSERT / possible crash OK'ing Preferences with label track present, project window resized to small width1509
1917P2RESOLVEDonce the focus is in a toolbar you cannot return the focus to a track using the mouse1917
1874P2RESOLVEDAssert / crash if Export format in audacity.cfg is invalid1874
1861P2RESOLVEDSplitLabels command fails in Macros1861
1893P2RESOLVEDspurious plug-in reg error message for VidPlayVST32 (and others)1893
1844P2RESOLVEDNyquist effects move subsequent envelope points by selection's length1844
1881P2RESOLVEDTruncate Silence shows a spurious unnecessary info error and resets user's previous settings1881
133P2RESOLVEDEnh: Play-at-Speed slider: Change of playback speed is no longer automatic133
1896P2RESOLVEDLinux: Resizing the device toolbar judders badly1896
1851P2RESOLVEDTimer Record with a selection present can get a truncated recording with data loss1851
1916P2RESOLVEDPlay at Speed - scrub widget appears unnecessarily1916
1853P2RESOLVEDMac: Macros window is non-modal - project window moves to front after some operations1853
1839P2RESOLVEDInconsistent behavior when recording with a selection defined1839
54P3CLOSEDWindows: LADSPA plug-ins not categorisable despite compiling with USE_LIBLRDF defined and installing RDF data files in Audacity data directory54
595P3CLOSEDTime Track: Speed limits not stored in project595
49P3CLOSEDWhen changing language in Preferences, some elements in Unicode Release don't change until restart49
22P3CLOSEDExporting from integer internal formats to files in same format or higher adds unwanted dither noise22
349P3CLOSEDWindows: "Files Missing" warning restores maximised windows349
43P3CLOSEDTimer Record cannot maintain scheduled duration if system clock changes43
825P3RESOLVEDSync Lock behaves inconsistently when moving of clips is disabled825
1855P3RESOLVEDAccelerators not removed from names in translation1855
1786P3RESOLVEDDuplicate shortcuts can be created1786
1557P3RESOLVEDWin/Linux: Shortcuts for select/deselect all do not work in Mixer Board1557
878P3RESOLVEDBuilt in Generators don't work correctly in Chains878
1871P3RESOLVEDChange Tempo / Change Speed effect incorrectly use Preview length1871
293P3RESOLVEDPaste/insert does not affect included label tracks when Sync-Lock is off293
1905?P3RESOLVEDLabels with more than 260 characters fail to load (with no warning)1905
1897P3RESOLVEDExport corrupts/clears the Recent Files list1897
1710P3RESOLVEDThe Incredible Shrinking Toolbar1710
916P3RESOLVEDUser input not validated in Noise Reduction effect916
1551P3RESOLVEDActive transport inhibits the operation of "Type to create a label"1551
875P3RESOLVEDFirst character is highlighted when tabbing into TimeText controls, not first non-zero character.875
1802P3RESOLVEDEnvelope corrupted when joining adjacent audio clips.1802
1661?P3RESOLVEDDefault audio track name not being translated1661
1494P3RESOLVEDStrange Pause behaviour with seeking/scrubbing1494
1878P3RESOLVEDAudacity's fork of WxWidgets 3.1.1 does not build1878
891P3RESOLVEDNumber-entering bug in kHz High Frequencies. Unfriendly to have to enter High first if new Low is above High.891
1906P3RESOLVEDIssues with dynamic Play-at-Speed1906
1741P3RESOLVEDError-help when attempting to Import a Project fails to go to local installed Manual1741