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This page provides information about the libraries supplied as at June 2011 with different Linux Distributions
Distributions may originally have been released with earlier versions of wxWidgets or FFmpeg.

Edit Hint: Please update this table with info about Linux Distributions you are using yourself.
(Distro, codename and details of wxWidgets and FFmpeg lib info)

Distribution wxWidgets FFmpeg
Debian (Etch, Lenny, Squeeze) 2.8.12
Ubuntu (Dapper) 2.8.8
Ubuntu (Feisty) 2.8.9
Ubuntu (Hardy) 2.8.10
Ubuntu (Intrepid) 2.8.10
Ubuntu (Jaunty, Karmic) 2.8.11
Ubuntu (Lucid) 2.8.12 0.5-1
Ubuntu (Maverick) 2.8.12 0.6-4