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Current Logo Proposal

We have been discussing new logo proposals with ChrisF.

There is currently not a complete logo ready for submission/consideration.

( Another version is being developed based on user feedback. )

However, a variation of the original proposed logo may appear in Audacity 2.0.7 :

On 8/7/14 10:55 AM, James Crook wrote: You've got +1's from two tech leaders now. If Martyn approves too, then I think it is extremely likely we will use your headphones and one variant on your lettering in 2.0.7.

Original Logo Proposal

No longer being considered in its entirety, this is the original logo proposed by ChrisF on June 30, 2014 :

New Audacity logo proposed by ChrisF. June 30, 2014

Other images referenced in the feedback :

Comparison of old and new logos as desktop icons at various sizes. August 2, 2014 Sketch of making logo more curvy, by James. August 7, 2014 Several possible variations on the logo text. August 7, 2014 Minor changes to logo text, suggested by Martyn. August 20, 2014 Example of logo text (vector) being scaled down in size. August 21, 2014


The original logo proposal received the following feedback from Audacity developers and users :

From Developers and QA

  • James - August 3, 2014
    • I like your new design and would be really happy for us to use it as-is, and then look at further steps.

Clarification: I am now talking about the new headphones + one of the choice of 8 letterings (not the lettering with AU combined).

The approach of evolving the look is absolutely right. Almost every offer we have had to date, and we've had a quite a few, has been too radical a departure.

The changes in the headphones are EXCELLENT. They look more modern, and at just the right level on the 3D-flat spectrum, which we weren't at before. The band at the top has a more confident look now. The waveform also now looks less like 'teeth' than it did in the old logo. All very welcome changes.

Typography: I think the the font changes are good too, clearer and more modern. Right direction. I'd personally like us to go further in that direction even at this stage, and would prefer something that looks more flowing, on a curved baseline, something with a swash or flourish, though still using a sans serif font to be this modern. Yes I know, the more custom the typography the more work involved. Still, I would like our logo to get across the idea of flow and harmony. A swash below would, I feel, visually connect the text of the logo with the headphones and those have always been a bit too separate. A swash below visually relating to the new more confident headband above. A bonus - both headphone curve and swash curve possibly remind of musical notation.

A thought worth playing with is making the (R) the dot of the i, and bolder, rather than as now, faint and slightly apologetic. Since we have to have that (R), it's a more audacious way to get it in.

Maybe such swashbuckling that I'd like is too big a step, and will generate way way too much discussion on-list to actually progress.... We'll see. Which brings us to the problem ahead. I'm giving a personal view here. That I am in favour is a good start, as I am one of the three tech leaders (me, Vaughan, Martyn) who sets direction for Audacity. However, everyone has a say in the future and that can lead to a lot of discussion and no action.

  • ChrisF - August 7, 2014
    • [...] By the way, the connected AU was a reflection of the triangular point, and then u-like dip of the shape of the waveform between the headphones in the logo [...]

  • Vaughan - August 7, 2014
    • James, thanks so much for supporting Chris on this!

      Chris, as you heard, we've gotten *lots* of submissions for re-style over the years.

      I wrote, off-list among Audacity Team, that I thought we should follow up on yours, because they best maintain the visual identity of the logo we've had so long.

      Anyway, we're very democratic, so there might be other opinions, but I'm all for a change.

      And we have some other big changes in appearance in the works, so a new logo is appropriate for a significant version increment!

  • Peter - August 7, 2014
    • I was the person who consulted with that ex-colleague four or so years ago, soliciting her comments on the dates serifs and the benefit of a modern type-face. I agreed with her at the time and I still agree with her now. So I would strongly support a revised typeface and a freshening of the logo.

      I too did not particularly like the joined A and u - but I do now understand your graphic reasoning for this.

      Of the typeface variants you propose, I think I like no. 2 the best - I don't particularly like the A leaning into the u - but maybe that's just me being an old-fashioned fogey. :-))

  • James - August 7, 2014
    • [...] On the typography - for me 8 is the winner, better still with the y from 4. I think the rounded slanted y matches the rounded slanted A better than the one in 8. I like the rounded A because of the headphone arch.

      I think the c is a little too wide. We quite often get people incorrectly calling us 'Auda City' or 'Audio City'. A narrower c would I think encourage people to read it as one word. I think the y in 4 is 'stronger' than the one in 8, and a strong y will help reduce confusion with 'Audacious', which is an xmms based audio player.

      All these variants need to be seen WITH the new headphones, since the arch of the headphones 'echoes' the curve of the A and u. It could be that the slant of the A separates the word Audacity too much from the headphones - I don't think that will be so - but needs to be seen.

      We will nearly always have the headphones to the left of the word Audacity. I don't think we'll ever have the word 'Audacity' on its own. There might be the very occasional case, like T shirt or mug, where we have the headphone logo large with the word 'Audacity' below.

      I see no real downside to changing to one of these 8 variants in 2.0.7 and making further changes later, and in fact that is probably a good thing. In my view we just need enough consensus that we are taking a step forward at each step.

  • Roger - August 7, 2014
    • I like Jame's idea to make warped/flowing letters. It looks good around the "dac" but it needs a lot more work to be consistent (as James noted).

      I like the new headphones, and I also agree that among the typography suggestions, 8 is the winner, and maybe with the y from 4 is even better.

      Sometimes, what makes a logo a logo rather than just a name is something that's just a little uncomfortable but memorable, so there's danger in picking the most comfortable looking typography. Still, I think the rounded A gets there, and the A-connected-to-u was going overboard.

      Just my opinion -- composers and computer scientists should generally stay away from graphics design just on principle, so I'm doubly handicapped :-)

  • Gale - August 7, 2014
    • I could live with any of the eight, but vote for #5 with the "y" from #4.

      At the moment I think we should not use the more "complex" "a" in #8 which looks a bit like an odd-man-out relic from the past in the new context. This is subject to seeing the logo to left of the text.

      I do have some doubt about the "headband" in the new logo. To me it is too thick. Usually more modern things get smaller and thinner.

      I do think the headband should be somewhat thicker to be comparable with modern icons in other apps, but as drawn this looks ever so slightly to me like the headphones are tipping forward rather than flat. Try moving away further from the screen to see if you see that effect.

      I think we may still have to think about the impact of the new logo on the main site.

      One reason that site still kind of works for me is that the whole thing looks stuck in a time warp :=)

      For example, the current square thin-border tabs may look quite odd with the new logo.

  • Steve - August 8, 2014
    • I quite like the logo, but not the joined "Au". Sorry James, I don't like the "melted" text.

      Of the 8 "Audacity Text Variations", my preference is for 2 or 3 as they retain the "classic" Audacity look. I know rounded letter are the current fashion, but I really don't like the "A" in 5 and 8, and fashions have a nasty habit of dating rapidly.

      A "little" more rounded than 2 / 3 may be more in keeping with the new logo, but perhaps by a subtle hint of depth to match the logo.

  • Federico - August 8, 2014
    • I like more 5 and 8, however, it would be best to see the complete logo in the different versions, I don't know if the rounded A will be OK when joined with the u and with the earphones.

  • Martyn - August 20, 2014
    • I quite like most of the fonts, but based on 6 I would narrow the 'c' a little, as it 'looks' wider than the 'd' and 'a' (I know it isn't really), and I prefer the rounded 't' but with slightly different proportions at the top [ See Image Above ].

  • ChrisF - August 21, 2014
    • I'm not opposed to Martyn's version of the "t". Looks like an improvement to me.

      The "c" can be shortened, and I've given it a try previously. However, the logo text currently follows a special set of proportions that make it appear more clear when reduced in size. Just multiples of 8 I suppose. But it does pay off when you need to re-size the text/logo :

      [ See Image Above ]

      The "c" looks odd when shortened, unless the multiple of 8 rule is broken. Two people have mentioned the long "c" though, so I'll try my best anyway to correct it somehow.

  • Federico - August 21, 2014
    • I prefer the version with the "u" not connected to the A. Perhaps it would deserve a try to connect it with an A with the right line vertical.

From Google+ Users

Some feedback was also given by Google+ users.