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This page is an overview of the key new functionality that has been introduced in Audacity 2.3.1


  1. 64-bit Mac build
  2. Scrub Ruler
  3. Advanced Vertical Zooming
  4. Micro-fades option added
  5. Regular Interval Labels improvements
  6. Bug Fixes
Coming up soon (Paul):
  • Nyquist Effects now translatable.
  • Spectrogram and Wave of same audio shown in the same track.
    • It can already be done by scriptables, for mono, but is a hacky approach.

64-bit Mac build

The 2.3.1 release of Audacity for macOS is now a 64-bit build and will only run on modern 64-bit Macs, running OSX 10.7 or later.

Scrub Ruler

The Scrub Ruler is now turned "off" by default and is not displayed. The reason we did this was because we found too many users were accidentally clicking in the Scrub Ruler and then finding themselves stuck in Scrubbing mode.

This will only affect you if you opt to reset your preferences settings as part of the 2.3.1 installation, manually reset your preferences or install Audacity for the first time.

If you want/need to turn it back on again use either the Transport > Scrubbing and check the Scrub Ruler to be "on". Or right click in the Timeline and select Enable Scrub Ruler.

Bulb icon The Scrub and Seek commands are still readily available from the Transport menu.

Advanced Vertical Zooming

We have added a new command to the View > Zoom menu for turning Advanced Vertical Zooming "on" or "off".

Advanced Vertical Zooming enables you to use left-click gestures in the Vertical Scale to control zooming (this is in addition to the Simple mode vertical zooming commands available from the right-click context menu in the Vertical Scale).

In version 2.2.2 we changed the way vertical zooming works, splitting it into Simple and Advanced forms with the Advanced form turned off by default. Advanced mode could be turned on in Tracks Behaviors preferences but many users failed to find it there. Accordingly we introduced this new command to make this more discoverable.

Micro Fades

Micro fades (introduced in 2.3.0) can reduce the click when playback starts and stops. We've now made this an opt-in feature rather than provide it all the time, this can be set in Playback Preferences.

Regular Interval Labels improvements

We have made some improvements to Regular Interval Labels, accessed by Tools > Regular Interval Labels.

In particular we have made it possible to create range labels and not just point labels with this Tool. You can do this by specifying the label length in the new input field Length of label region (seconds)

Bug Fixes

  • Linux: Audacity 2.3.0 was available only for Mac and Windows, and Linux used 2.2.1. Audacity 2.3.1 is available for Linux.
  • Windows and Linux: Intermittent truncation of the end of a recording - see Bug #2009
  • Can't adjust Time Track envelope when Logarithmic scale selected - see Bug #1832
  • Mixer Board does not automatically update when tracks added or removed - see Bug #2022
  • Regular Interval Labels fails - see Bug #2014
  • Windows: Regular Interval Labels on multiple tracks produces multiple labels - see Bug #1298
  • Multiple problems with Change Pitch - see Bug #2016
  • Mac: Audacity crashes when right clicking in label after copying label text to ano app - see Bug #2028
  • Linux: Assert on recording or generating when main Window minimized - see Bug #2040

==Additional new features== This page New features in this release - appendix gives an overview of further new functionality that has been introduced in this release of Audacity.


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