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RM keeps this page up to date during RMing - especially the Timeline. The selected bug progress lists on this page are automatically populated by BugzillaReports


  • 12th March 2018 - RM for 2.3.0 announced (James)
  • 12th May 2018 - Mid term Beta CANCELLED
  • 12th June - Bigger new features from here on typically should be held over for 2.3.1.
    • Exceptions to above, by arrangement/discussion.
  • Done.png More bugfixing
  • P1 bugs and certain P2 bugs can delay string freeze. See live counts below.
P2 (7)
  • We are past the bugs that blocked us from going into string freeze.
  • 27th August - String Freeze
  • As of 31st August, continuing to find must-fix bugs.
  • 15th September - Code Freeze
  • <--- We are here
  • 29th September - Released

Release Process has a checklist showing progress close to release at a finer granularity.

Milestone work

  • Done.png using wxWidgets 3.1.1 (unpatched) on Windows.
  • Done.png using wxWidgets 3.1.1 (unpatched) on Linux.
  • Done.png using wxWidgets 3.1.1 (patched) on Mac.

MILESTONE wx transition. (needs to be before mid term beta)

  • Done.png tidy up mod-xxx building on Windows
  • Done.png tidy up mod-xxx building on Linux
  • ToDo.png tidy up mod-script-pipe building on Mac.

MILESTONE mod-xxx 'mainstream' (needs to be before mid term beta)

Misc 'under the hood' work

  • Done.png AppVeyor builds.
  • Done.png CMake proof of concept for Windows Debug.
  • Done.png Alternatives to 3.0.2 Windows patches, where needed.
  • Done.png Fix up Linux bugs caused by wx migration (e.g. Toolbar resizing).
  • Done.png Fix many compiler warnings on Mac

Requests to the RM

This is a place for requests to the RM for this release:

Libs etc

Current plan is:

  • Done.png Upgrade to wxWidgets 3.1.1. This also copper-fastens discontinuation of Mac 10.6 (aka snow leopard) for 2.3.0 onwards.
  • Done.png Upgrade MSVC to 2017.
  • (aspirational) Upgrade to latest xcodebuild on mac, but target 10.7+
  • (aspirational) Compile as 64 bit.
  • Done.png Upgrades to other libs (libsoxr already done).

Mini Checklist

  • Done.png Play at speed.
  • Done.png Resizable Toolbars (and default sizes not ragged)
  • Done.png Mw2html upgraded to https
  • Done.png LUFS UI acceptable
  • Done.png Ditch C++ menu-generation, and generate using WIT. Fix hotspot locations and fix grey-clipping for off-screen.
  • Done.png Amazing Image Map up-to-date, Tooldock Image WITified, Remaining Annotated Toolbars hot-spotted.
  • Done.png WITification of mini-table in Keyboard Shortcut Reference.
  • Done.png Wild guess at Bug 42 (Timer Record fails to stop) bugfix, and feedback.
  • Done.png Get confirmation that Bug 1226 (Antivirus stops writes) is OK.
  • Done.png Reinstate AUD-DO for Nyquist
  • Done.png Implement ";type tool" option in Nyquist.
  • Done.png Remove Nyquist Effects Prompt (just use the one in tools).
  • ToDo.png Installer requires an update to take account of MSVC 2017 run time (probably).

Planned Release Announcement Text

Audacity 2.3.0 replaces all previous versions.

  • Over 90 bugs fixed since 2.2.2.
    • Includes fixes to Timer Record, and to 'Envelope Points'.
    • Peter 12Sep18: surely more than 100 by now ... ?
  • New feature - "Punch and Roll Recording".
  • Toolbars controlling volume and speed can now be resized for greater precision.
  • Play-at-speed now can be adjusted whilst playing.
  • Option to 'normalize by loudness' in normalize effect.
  • Macros (formerly 'Chains') substantially extended.
  • Pinned-play-head can now be repositioned by dragging.

Full details at New Features in 2.3.0

Headline Features

  • TBA

W.I.P. Features intended for 2.3.0

  • TBA

Headline Features (held over)

Take these with a big grain of salt... they could be vapourware.

  • Export Multiple - More flexibility in automatic naming.
  • ToDo.png Implement and document Export2 scripting command, adding the export options.
  • ToDo.png Implement and document Next command.
  • ToDo.png Implement Automatic Names.

Operating system support

  • TBA if we move past 10.6 on Mac, this will have implications for Mac support

Won't be reported on

These were some pieces of work done that won't be reported on in the release announcement.

  • TBA


RM's list

  • Patches to wxWidgets need to be better documented. What is each patch for? Need to be applied to our GitHub copy of wxWidgets too.
  • Build instructions on Wiki must be brought up to date.

So is the Manual Release Ready?

This page lists pages that refer to 'ToDo-1' in the manual.

  • Manual team now maintain a div with the manual status on it on the front page.
  • Manual team also maintain a Clean-up Plan for dealing with P1s and critical P2s

So is the Code Release Ready?

This query shows us possibly problematic P1 and P2 bugs right now. If there is a P1 in there, the answer is 'NO'. The P2s need closer examination, and RM may decide that one or more of them block release, even at the last moment. The PXs (if any) might possibly be P1s - so we need to know about them.

IDPStatusSummary (7 tasks) ID
1534P2NEWLinux: Malformed tooltips/"Untitled window" in taskbar when clicking or hovering over toolbar sliders1534
1964P2NEWUntranslated menu items for Nyquist (using old config)1964
1366P2NEWUsing the sliders in Mixer Toolbar in a Project-2 alters levels in on-going recording (or playback) in Project-11366
1913P2NEWMac: Audacity will not work with future versions of macOS1913
276P2NEWLinux: PULSE-AUDIO issues. Freeze repeatedly starting/stopping streams.276
1826P2REOPENEDLinux: Dropout detection fails to detect dropouts on Linux1826
1763P2REOPENEDClicks on starting/stopping playback.1763

Bugs Addressed in this Release

There are lots of tables here with information about work done on bugs for this version.

These bugs and fixes probably won't be reported on individually. However we should report on the P2s that we have fixed and summarise the general trend.

The next few table-descriptions are no longer true, as the 'Closed' date is not reliable. We can re-instate these tables for 2.3.1.
==Updated in this Release==

These are bugs which we knew about before we started on this version, and have updated, and that are now DEVEL-FIXED or better.  Often that will mean we DEVEL-FIXed them for this release.


===Longstanding Bugs swatted===

These are low numbered bugs from the table above that were dealt with in this release.


==Quick-Fix attempted for this version==

These are bugs which we learned about during work on this version, and have attempted to fix.  See status to see if we were successful. 


==Quick-Fixed in this version==


NEW in this version

These are new bugs which we learned about during work on this version.

IDPStatusSummary (48 tasks) ID
1913P2NEWMac: Audacity will not work with future versions of macOS1913
1964P2NEWUntranslated menu items for Nyquist (using old config)1964
1968P3NEWWindows: Recording or monitoring from a USB sound device using WASAPI host yields "Error opening recording device"1968
1948P3NEWBuffer sizes below 20 ms (30 ms with MME) can cause clicky playback1948
1920P3NEWMac: undocking any tool removes track focus1920
1904P3NEWAudio offset not honored in Export/Export Multiple/Export Selection1904
1974P3NEWMac/Linux: Crash if monitoring too early using JACK1974
1869P3NEWCrash on close when uncompressed file imported "faster"1869
1847P3NEWMac accessibility: VoiceOver does not read the names of text boxes1847
1976P3NEWScrubbing & Seeking breaks down at 5 x zoom-in levels and greater1976
1892P3NEWMac accessibility: VoiceOver does not read the categories in Preferences1892
1929P3NEWVST Instruments and VST3 Effects listed in plug in manager1929
1919P3NEWMac: Export with "external program" gives spurious warning and does not output file1919
1846P3NEWMac accessibility: VoiceOver does not read the names of tracks1846
1953P3NEWTimer Record: using Custom Mix causes automatic export to be interrupted1953
1921P3NEWWith focus on a track, changing settings in a floated toolbar causes the track to lose focus1921
1975P3NEWMac: Freeze using JACK with QjackCtl1975
1848P3NEWMac accessibility: VoiceOver does not read the name of choice controls1848
1927P4NEWHelp > Generate Support Data Takes more than 30s (crashes in debug)1927
1987P4NEWEnh: Export button on History Dialog1987
1979P4NEWSaving an unsaved project takes much longer in 2.2.2/2.3.0 versus 2.1.01979
1899P4NEWWindows: previously deleted folders are unnecessarily re-created on next Save1899
1857P4NEWSpurious dropout detection when recording second track.1857
1843P4NEWTracks menu error messages do not have "?" help butttons to link to the Manual1843
1936P4NEWEnh: Nyquist Generators ignore selection1936
1984P4NEWEnh: Themed sliders look odd on unthemed dialogs1984
1963P4NEWMany Effect dialogs do not update buttons when language changed1963
1954P4NEWClicks starting/pausing play-at-speed1954
1941P4NEWSeek commands do not work during variable Play at Speed1941
1922P4NEWTime track points outside loop play interval wrongly influence the play indicator1922
1911P4NEWWindows: no input stream for WASAPI loopback freezes recording without warning1911
1986P4NEWLinux: Unwanted messages in console.1986
1965P4NEWEnh: Track name overlay display for all track types1965
1945P4NEWASSERT (in debug builds only) importing opus format1945
1982P4NEWNumeric entry in Play-at-Speed dialog allows entries not supported by the slider or the PAS functionality1982
1901P4NEWStatus bar message does not update when Recording or Playback sliders are moved1901
1973P4NEWEnh: Support WDM/KS1973
1862P4NEWIncorrect frequency displayed in spectrogram view (infrasound)1862
1961P4NEWLinux: No icon for Audacity in dock.1961
1985P4NEWEnh: in dark themes EGA dialogs and error messages remain light-themed1985
1872P4NEWMost Non-Modal dialogs do not update buttons when language changed1872
1955P4NEWEnh: Clicks loop-playing audio.1955
1942P4NEWEffects in wrong menu if type is changed1942
1959P5NEWPlayback does not start for buffer length time.1959
1849P5NEWAdjusting Pan and Gain during recording gives weird Undo History"1849
1956P5NEWWindows: MME and WDS playback cursor is buffer length ahead of actual audio playing1956
1939P5NEWScrubbing jitters when moving window.1939
1909P5NEWOur custom slider has themed background, even used in a dialog.1909

Below the Fold

Notes that are relevant to next release.

  • WIBN stands for 'Wouldn't It Be Nice'
Bulb icon We are often overoptimistic about what can be achieved for the next release. The WIBN lists are things we thought might make it to the next release.

Some longer term (but still short term) aspirations have moved to:

Enabled / Disabled

This is current status/plan:

  • WDM-KS out (considering a module, but not for 2.3.1 needs work on test support)