Nyquist Plug-in Packs and Legacy Plug-ins

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ToDo Packs and plug-ins to be added.

These are collections of Nyquist Plug-ins packaged in ZIP files for convenient download.

For installation instructions, see the main plug-ins page.

Unless otherwise indicated, these plug-ins are released under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

Items marked (*bug) may be usable but are known to have one or more bugs.

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Standard Plug-in Pack

These are the same Nyquist plug-ins that are presently available in current Audacity. You will probably not need to download this pack unless you have inadvertently deleted one or more of the standard Nyquist plug-ins from your Audacity installation.

Download: nyplugins_2-0-2.zip

  • beat.ny Beat Finder plug-in that creates labels where beats are detected.
  • clicktrack.ny Generates a click track.
  • clipfix.ny Attempts to reconstruct clipped regions by interpolating the lost signal.
  • crossfadein.ny Fades in by the square root of a linear ramp. (*bug)
  • crossfadeout.ny Fades out by the square root of a linear ramp.
  • delay.ny Creates various types of repeating echoes.
  • equalabel.ny Generates evenly spaced labels.
  • highpass.ny Variable high-pass filter.
  • lowpass.ny Variable low-pass filter.
  • notch.ny A notch filter.
  • pluck.ny Generates a "pluck" sound.
  • rissetdrum.ny A synthesized drum sound.
  • sample-data-export.ny Exports the values of successive audio samples to a file.
  • SilenceMarker.ny Marks audio that is below a set threshold level.
  • SoundFinder.ny Marks audio that is above a set threshold level with region labels.
  • tremolo.ny A simple tremolo (low frequency amplitude modulation) effect.
  • vocalremover.ny Removes center panned audio from stereo tracks.
  • vocoder.ny A vocoder effect.

Audio Restoration

These packs contain plug-ins that may be useful in audio restoration.

Audio Repair

Noise Removal

Pack contents:

  • notch.ny A Notch Filter (included in Audacity 1.3.13 and later)
  • Filter.ny A combined high-pass/low-pass/band-pass/band-stop filter.
  • BigClick.ny For reducing loud clicks and pops that cannot be removed by other means.
Not available yet.
  • de-ess.ny A de-esser effect for removing sibilance from vocals.

Filter Pack

Sound Synthesis

These packs contain plug-ins that may be useful for users that use Audacity for sound synthesis and sampling.

Audio Generators

Filter Pack

Same as Audio Repair Filter Pack

Sampling Tools


Waveform Analysis

Generators and Processing

Brainwave Entrainment

Pack contents:

  • bitone2.ny Binaural Tones with Surf version 2.
  • surf-lfo.ny LFO Surf generator.
  • surf-oxy.ny Emulates Jean-Michel Jarre's 1976 album "Oxygene" surf sound.
  • isomod.ny Isochronic modulator.

Legacy Plug-ins

Most of these effects have been superseded by later versions and should not normally be used for production purposes unless you still need to use a legacy Audacity version. They may be of interest for study or historical research.
  • Items marked (*bug) may be usable but are known to have one or more bugs.

Legacy Generate Plug-ins

Noise Band

(nseband.ny) View | Download | Type 1 Plug-in

Author: Steven Jones.

Noise Band creates narrow band noise by ring-modulating a sine wave with low-pass filtered noise. The effect is similar to band-pass filtering noise.


  1. Center Frequency: [10 - 10000 Hz, default 10]
  2. Band Width: [1 - 10000 Hz, default 50]
  3. Duration: [0 - 30 seconds, default 1]
  4. Fractional Duration: [0 - 00 hundredths of a second, default 0]

Risset Drum (v1)

(risset.ny) View | Download | Type 1 plug-in

Author: Steven Jones.

Simulates a drum sound, based on the work of Jean Claude Risset.


  1. Frequency: [50 2000 Hz, default 100]
  2. Decay: [0.125 - 10 seconds, default 2]
  3. Noise center frequency: [100 - 5000 Hz, default 500]
  4. Noise band width: [10 - 1000 Hz, default 400]
  5. Noise mix: [0 - 100 percent, default 50]

Random Touch Tones

(pwm.ny) View | Download | Example audio clip | Type 1 plug-in

Author: David R.Sky

Generates Random Touch-Tones. This is a similar effect to DTMF Tones (random)


  1. Number of Touch Tones: [1 - 1000, default 10]
  2. Tone duration: [0.001 - 1.000, default 0.05]
  3. High to low tone ratio: [0.0 - 4.0, default 4.0]
  4. Post silence duration: [0.0 - 1.0, default 0.05]

Legacy Analyze Plug-ins

Legacy Effect Plug-ins

Bass Boost

(bassboost.ny) View | Download |

Author: Steve Daulton, after Nasca Octavian Paul

This is a Nyquist version of the C++ Bass Boost as shipped in Audacity up to version 2.0.2. Unlike the C++ version, the version downloadable here does not clip audio which has an output above 0 dB. Therefore if you use default 32-bit float format for audio tracks, audio that is boosted above the clipping level of 0 dB can be brought back down below 0 dB without damage by using Effect > Amplify.


  1. Filter Frequency (Hz): [0 to 1000 Hz, default 200]
  2. Boost by (dB): [0 to 36 dB, default 12]

Turntable Warping (v2)


(turntablewarp.ny) View | Download

Authors: David R.Sky

Based on "warp" tutorial by Roger B. Dannenberg. Simulates unplugging and plugging in a turntable while it's powered, and related effects such as speeding it up before unplugging it.


  1. Initial step: [-36 - +36 semitones, default 0] - the resulting pitch change at the start of the selection, defined as number of semitones above or below the original pitch (1 step = 1 semitone, so 12 steps = 1 octave.)
  2. Initial amplitude: [0 - 100 percent, default 100] - the resulting volume at the start of the selection, related to the original amplitude (so 100% = no change).
  3. Change time: [0 - 100 percent, default 50] - the point in time in the selection at which the warping values moves away from the original value. Depending on the start and end step and amplitude values, you can design warps that slow down then speed up; speed up then slow down; speed up to a particular pitch then remain there; slowly speed up then quickly speed up.
  4. End step: [-36 - +36 semitones, default -12] - the resulting pitch change at the end of the audio. compared to the original pitch.
  5. End amplitude: [0 - 100 percent, default 40] - the resulting volume at the end of the selection, compared to the original volume.

Steps are number of semitones above or below non-warped audio.

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