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These Release Notes describe firstly, issues with 1.3.4 which were known at time of release, and secondly, changes to 1.3.4 as compared with 1.3.3.

Audacity 1.3.4 was current from 13 November 2007 to 07 May 2008 for Windows and Linux only.

Known Issues

Note: Items in italics were omitted in error from the README.txt distributed with the 1.3.4 release.

All Platforms

  • Audacity can import and display MIDI files, but they cannot be played or edited.
  • Previous Beta support for adding a label anywhere in a Label Track by just typing (without CTRL+B first) currently unavailable.
  • PortAudio v19 automatic latency correction currently disabled.
  • No warning given if File > Save or > Save Project As... is carried out with no tracks open.
  • Not all menu items are correctly enabled for new "Select-all-when-none" behaviour.
  • Projects created in 1.1.x and earlier versions do not open correctly in 1.3.4 and will probably be corrupted if this is attempted. Workround: Export the individual tracks from these projects as WAV or AIFF files, then import these into 1.3.4.
  • If a track is imported, another track of any description is added and then autosaving occurs, the Project cannot be recovered if there is a crash. Workround: Do not exit Audacity, then change "projname" to "_data" in the autosave file.
  • Beep on completing long process may not be audible on many systems.

Linux only

  • Audacity now supports interfacing with JACK, however this has not been tested, and is known to have a number of issues with both reliability and usability. Patches to improve both will be welcomed.
  • If the Audacity project rate is set to a sample rate that your sound card does not support, then Audacity will try to choose a supported sample rate and use that for recording and playback, resampling on the fly. This does not always work correctly, however.

Mac OS X only

  • Some users find that after running Audacity other media players don't produce any sound or crash. Audacity tries to select the best quality settings your system is capable of, to give the best recordings possible. Some sound drivers also retain these settings as defaults for other applications, which can cause these symptoms. Workround: Enable the option "Do not modify audio device settings" on the Audio I/O tab of the preferences, and make sure that your sound device is set up (in Apple Sound and Midi Setup) to work in stereo, 16bits, with a sample rate of 44100Hz or 48000Hz. See also: 
  • On some systems, items in the Audacity menu may be greyed out if a project is recovered and then a process is started and cancelled before completion. Workround: Click File > New and work from the new project window.

Windows only

Note: The Windows installer will not replace 1.2.x installations, but will install alongside them.

  • Audacity is incompatible with some professional sound cards and may crash if one of these cards is the default when you open Audacity. Workround: Make a different sound card your default when using Audacity, but please let us know if this affects you so that we can track down and solve the problem.
  • Project Rate is not set to the rate of imported files if that rate is unsupported.
  • On some Windows 98 and 2000 systems, speaker and microphone icons in Mixer and Device Toolbars display with wrong colored backgrounds.

Changes in 1.3.4

Note that Help is no longer built in, but accessible on the Web via links in Audacity.

New Features

  • New Welcome Screen with introduction to Audacity
  • Enhanced Windows Shell integration, so Audacity shows up in lots of Windows places such as "Open With".
  • New keyboard command: "Mix and Render to New Track" (bound to Ctrl+Shift+M).
  • New keyboard shortcut: "Shift-A" which toggles Play and "Stop and set cursor"
  • Added support for VAMP audio analysis plug-ins.
  • Solo button solos only one track at a time, and a track cannot be both mute and solo.
  • new Label Editor


  • Keyboard shortcuts for making short/long jumps along the timeline.
  • Added 'Snap To' in the Selection Bar.
  • Made keyboard navigation easier when multiple menu items with the same first letter exist.
  • Layout of OK/Cancel buttons consistency improved.
  • Preferences:
    • "Select all audio in project, if none selected" (on by default)
    • "Beep on completion of longer activities" (system bell, not main output).
    • Other preferences cleaned up and explanations improved.
  • Envelopes: Many fixes when copying / pasting / repeating.
  • Many translation updates. Cyrillic text supported in Label Tracks
  • Track height fixed in several cases.
  • CleanSpeech mode switching without closing and re-opening fixed.
  • Accessibility features: Progress dialog now screen reader friendly. Time controls now accepts mouse-wheel.

Opening/saving formats

  • Metadata editor added for OGG, FLAC and WAV/AIFF exports, and general improvements in this area.
  • Import of metadata improved.
  • Muted tracks are no longer audible in the exported mix.


  • Truncate Silence: support for multiple and stereo tracks.
  • Dtmf Generator:
    • added support for keypad letters
    • added an amplitude control.
  • Compressor: variable decay time added.
  • Equalization:
    • Clicks at start / end prevented
    • Improvements to saved curves being found
    • Preview works correctly
  • "Merge" command appears in Undo history.
  • Clipping detected more reliably.
  • Nyquist plug-ins reviewed and enhanced.
  • Better (and more) progress bars.
  • Fixes so that cancelling an effect always restores previous audio.
  • Several improvement to effects in batch mode.

Recording / Playback

  • Some improvements to latency correction.
  • Updated version of Portaudio-v19 library.
  • Transcription Toolbar fix so that audio and waveform synchronised

Miscellaneous fixes (amongst others)


  • crashes - when playing audio with multiple bit rates, on auto-detection of file format, with multi-clip dragging, in the freq-window.
  • file name extensions in upper case not recognised.
  • hotkeys not working until menus used.
  • MP3 exports not always made at selected project rate.
  • stray dotted vertical line.
  • Linux segmentation fault in development build when dragging a track vertically.
  • scrollbars on Linux "randomly" disappear when zooming or adding tracks
  • slider had no effect in BassBoost effect.