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Users who want to request new features for Audacity are very welcome to do so on our Feature Requests page. We also have several other pages where you can learn more about feature requests and planning.

How Features Get Planned


Experience shows that a normal roadmap with dates and planned sequence of version numbers and what they will contain is completely out of the question for Audacity. We don't have a single person running the show. In any case the classic choice:

 "Scope, Schedule, Quality - Pick Two" 

applies to Audacity. Roadmaps that attempt to control all three are not realistic. Our current choices are to release often to a fixed date chosen in advance (Schedule). We also choose to focus on removing bugs (Quality).

You could argue that there isn't any roadmap for Audacity. Instead different team members may or may not argue here for their views as to how development should happen going forward.

The Release Schedule

Beta releases

  • We stopped doing beta releases with 1.3.14 in December 2011. We'd found that releasing betas encouraged us to continue to release betas and not to strive hard enough for a stable release. As a result our release plans (for team) are now only about releasing stable version. We do post snapshots, alphas, of what builds off the GitHub main development branch. These are for testing and not regarded as suitable as official releases.
  • To provide experimental work in progress, we now have Preview Versions where an individual is taking responsibility for the quality. These all come with a warning to export audio to wav after recording, since the new features may be unstable.

2.x.x series

  • 2.0.0 March 2012 to 2.0.6 in September 2014 were stable releases.
  • 2.1.0 March 2015 to 2.1.3 in March 2017 were stable releases.
  • 2.2.0 was released Nov 2017.

We have a full history of versions on this wiki.

Roadmap according to James

These are James Crook's views...

Stable Releases

  • Audacity head should be stable/releasable at nearly all times - and in particular should compile on all three platforms. Destabilising changes should be worked on and fixed in a branch first. It's changes outside our control such as being forced to upgrade to wx3 or arrival of Win10, or changes in Mac Sierra that can thwart that goal.
  • Aim for relatively frequent releases. If new features aren't ready, we switch them off rather than delay while they are refined.
  • Big new features should be in plug-ins. That makes it so much easier to keep Audacity stable. Cleanspeech, Karaoke and Timer record should become Audacity plug-ins.


  • Done.png Option of help in the preferences dialogs. Ideally context-help taken directly from the manual, but a help button that takes you to the manual is enough as a starter.
  • ToDo.png Improvements to scrolling and zooming behaviour for close up work. Our code is fast enough to do an oscilloscope style display on P700+, but for that to work well some changes are needed in how we select audio and how we choose to scroll.
  • ToDo.png I'd like to see discontinuous selections implemented. This would be a lot cleaner than 'labelled region' operations. It would also drive the code structure that fixes whitespace versus silence issues.
  • Done.png Re-organisation of menus. These (in my opinion) have grown to be large and confusing. They are partly to blame for the save-export confusion in many users. Making the options under the menu items more powerful reduces the number of menu items we need. Discussion at Completed Proposal Menu Reorganisation and related sub pages.
  • ToDo.png Fix multi-tool mode so that it can drag clips. This got broken by the introduction of multi-clips making multi-tool mode much less useful.
  • Done.png Enhancement to screenshot tool so as to screen-capture modal dialogs and menus for the manual.
  • ToDo.png The over-due TrackPanel refactor. We need to make it easy for plug-ins to plug-in new track types.

Increasing Satisfaction in Participation

  • Listen for and invite feedback from new contributors. For example the need for better internal documentation in the code was highlighted by both 2009 GSoC students.
  • Get across to new contributors that this is a do-ocracy. In general the person who does the work on something decides how it should be.
  • Help people increase their own productivity. Spot cases of people pulling in opposite directions early. Turn queries into FAQs. Turn e-mails into documentation. Turn tests into features. Turn closed bugs into development policies.


We need to look at these... What we do is up for discussion...

  • Done.png Bug tracking - Bugs are now in Bugzilla, with search page at Bug Lists
  • ToDo.png Translation infrastructure.

Roadmap according to Peter Sampson

I would like to put this stake in the ground for a few Proposals and Feature Requests that I would dearly love to see implemented as they would greatly improve the usability, discoverability and usefulness of Audacity to our users.
  • Searchable Manual - this is long overdue
  • LAME integration, bundled in Audacity

Existing Proposals

  1. ToDo: Unstick 'Stuck In a Mode' - remove the bear-traps
  2. P4 ENH 1833 - Stop in Export Multiple does not actually stop the exports
  3. Bug #1462 Timer Record does not check that there is sufficient space for Export
  4. Proposal new Zoom Toolbar a new Zoom Toolbar with more features, such as zoom presets, and add a zoom maximum >and zoom normal button
  5. Proposal: GUI Custom Resets for Toolbar Layouts - GUI mechanism from within Audacity to enable the user to save and restore settings for Toolbar layout
  6. Proposal Locking and/or Hiding Pan and Gain sliders - to avoid accidental unintended nudges
  7. Proposal Timer Record Improvements Phase-2 - access to the controls and timer changes while Timer Record is active (recording or waiting)
  8. Proposal Graphic indicator of optimum recording level on the waveform display improve the User Interface relating to the Metering and Monitoring functionality in Audacity
  9. Proposal Easy cfg Reset - frequently needed in Forum advice to users
  10. Proposal DC Offset removal and not Proposal DC Management - usabilty, encourages proper processing order
  11. Proposal: Improvements to Scrubbing - Phase-3
  12. Effects Categorization (31 votes) - now that Proposal Binding Effects to Hot-Keys is implemented
  13. The Multiproject Wormcan I strongly favour option 2: Single recorder/player mode
  14. Proposal Unitary Project: To provide a single "container" for Audacity Projects rather than the AUP file and data being separate.

Done for 2.3.1

  1. Completed Proposal WAV exports to have Format Options It is hard for users to find the "non-standard" WAV exports such as 24-bit and other more obscure WAV exports

Done for 2.2.0

  1. Revised menu structure from DarkAudacity
  2. Completed Proposal Help button for Preferences & Effects, Generators and Analyzers a proposal to provide help to users of preferences, effects, generators and analyzers
  3. Completed Proposal Non-grayed-out editing commands

Done for 2.2.1

  1. Proposal: Waveform and clip colors: Assign different colors to individual tracks, clips or regions.

Done for 2.2.2

  1. Completed Proposal Improvements to Export progress dialogs Because we use a common dialog for Export and Export Multiple we should have a form of words that is applicable to both and accurate in both cases

Done for 2.3.0

  • Transcription toolbar speed slider to operate in real time adjusting the playback speed while playing
    • Transcription toolbar renamed as Play-at-Speed toolbar

Roadmap according to A.N.Other