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18-3-11 POL - Converted the list of curve parameters to a table and removed the edit div above it. Some more formatting and tidying still to be done.

22-3-11 POL - Table formatting tidied up and comments made on the curves at the top of the page, showing where they differ from those in the table.

  • Gale 31 Mar 11: Thanks, Paraic, for working on that table. I made the table headings match with the boxes in the 78 rpm EQ Curve Generator, as I think it will help avoid confusion.

    How do you feel about seguing the information above the table into the table? Even if some intermediate values are lost, most of that data is very close to that in the table. The few exceptions could be noted below the table as now. I'm also intending to add some early LP (pre-RIAA) curves as I think they don't justify their own page.

    Do you think it would be a good idea to add (or link to) some technical information about Turnover, Rolloff and LF Shelving Frequency - maybe with an example graph?

  • POL 21 Apr 11: Yes, I can do both those things, though I'm not sure just when.

    Do you have any attribution for the information at the top of the page?. I think it would be best to show where it came from, given that there are so many versions of EQ curves floating around out there.

  • Gale 22Apr11: Thanks, Paraic. I haven't been able to find specific attribution for the information above the table - I think it was a consensus of various sources. I think we are covered by saying the data in the table is "largely" from the stated source.