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Gale 20Apr08,19:53 UTC: Thanks for creating this page, James. If you don't want to advertise the download so directly to prevent user confusion, or don't want directly to link to the project Wiki (makes it too easy to get the download?), please remove the links. Or, we could perhaps make clearer that the download is for developers only. Against this, it may create some developer interest that exciting things are going on?

James 15:20, 20 April 2008 (PDT): One problem is that I am not actively working on it at the moment, so I'm not going to be giving a lot of practical help to anyone trying to work with that code - at least not until after GSoC. The part most relevant to here-and-now is the scripting support which is in Audacity CVS. That requires that we shift to the DLL build of Audacity, which in turn creates some issues for the packager. It's still under discussion whether we will shift to modular DLL based build during GSoC. I think that would be good because it means a simpler procedure for building wxWidgets for Audacity on Windows. Anyway I added some dire warnings in the download section and that should scare off the faint hearted :-)