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Gale 22Jun08, 07:28 UTC: Should this be extended to the web site and manual? Is it part of a campaign to get more translators? Are there any privacy concerns amongst existing translators if they are listed here?

  • James: All good questions. On the website we have a long list of translators. I don't know how many are 'live'. I see this as a partner page to Possible GSoC Mentors, helping to make the wiki slightly less impersonal - get across the message that there are real people behind the project. I also like 'tables' of information. Main function is to get the list of translators we'll be using for 1.4.0.
  • Gale 22Jun08, 19:10 UTC: I think the web list is partially out-of-date, and given how rarely we change main site pages, inevitably so. It may be worth actually asking for translation help in this blurb, and letting people state any preference they have for working on web site, software or Manual. Also people sometimes offer translation help on the Forum, and it isn't picked up, so they could be directed here to express interest.
    However I think you should possibly post to -translation telling them you've put this draft page up here, and see what they say about how this fits with our existing system, which is to ask people to sign up to that list. I've been also meaning to ask on that list for views on a system to translate the Manual; my view is it could be done really simply with e.g. a different namespace for different languages, and people just do it online, but I know some of the translators mainly work offline.