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  • Installed and investigated ImageMagick. Looks like this would require a python script to write a DOS/Imagemagick script that then creates the image.
    • Commands are prefixed by magick (a) because that is how it is now done and (b) to avoid collision with Microsoft convert utility name. Convert is the workhorse for ImageMagick.
    • The shadow option is used to add drop shadow. Possible to make it work, but needs multiple commands and odd syntax.
    • Arrows look to be a little tricky, in that it seems you need to hand specify their outline.
  • Investigated python-fu scripting from within the GIMP.
    • There is no built-in way to run it from outside the GIMP, but that does not seem to be a problem. You can though, if so inclined, fire up GIMP single shot or as a process to RPC to.
    • This tutorial seemed quite useful, and shows how custom functions are registered with the GIMP and how to get information on the built in functions using the pdb (=program database).
    • Function exposure is not as good/complete as one might like. In particular you can build simple dialogs for input, but not request point position inputs.
  • Investigated Inkscape for layering an SVG over a png.
    • Automation requires machine generation or modification of an svg file. The file needs to contain a Base64 encoded image of the underlying toolbar, and complete generation de-novo (rather than template plus tweaks) is too much work. So an approach would be template plus tweaks.
    • Done by hand is actually not too bad, in fact, as one can select groups of things and apply the same options to them all.
    • Provided we keep the hand created SVG files, updating to new toolbars is not such a big amount of work.
  • Investigated using canvas in HTML.
    • This looks like the best option. It gives preview of work in progress, provides a UI, has all the built in code for reading an image and image manipulations.
    • HTML also allows testing of the hyperlinks in-situ.


The help->Screenshot-Tools menu item now has additional options:


The buttons All Menus, All Effects and All Preferences are new.