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Carla Schroder's "Book of Audacity" was added to this list in May 2011. Tylero is the book's editor.

Peter Sampson 15Apr11: I read the downloadable chapter on recording LPs etc. well written and good information. A few points:
  1. you have a typo in page 57 where you talk about using 32-bit float where it reads "so you can do a lot of processing with losing quality" - it should read " ... without losing quality".
  2. the chapter recommends removing the DC offset (if any) at late stage in the editing process. I would recommend doing this as the first step after capture and before any other processing.
  3. personally I would (and do) use Amplify rather Normalize to bring the volume levels up. This is because Audacity's Normalize works on each stereo channel independently whereas Amplify works on them as a pair. Thus Normalize can alter or damage the stereo balance - thogh note thtat Normalize can be useful if your recording chain is imbalanced. See: Amplify and Normalize
  4. I would suggest adding advice to backup the WAV files in addition to creating the CD. I use a couple of external 1TB USB disks for this (really cautious folk also create off-site copies).
  5. Oh, and I prefer to use Brian Davies' excellent ClickRepair to do the click & pop removal. It costs a little ($40) but is just a little shy of magical in what it can do for your old LPs (certainly better than the current Audacity click removal IMHO).

Thanks Peter, you're quite right about the typo, we'll fix that in the second printing, add errata online. I was pleasantly surprised by Audacity's hiss/pop removal in cleaning up my dad's vinyl collection, but I confess I've never used Clickrepair myself. I'll forward these other thoughts onward to Carla. Please don't hesitate to ask if you'd like to read a review copy (email is my first name at Tylero

I would like to suggest my book about Audacity, which just came out this year. It is for complete beginners. It can be found at Thank you for your consideration.