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Gale 25Apr08, 06:11 UTC: We did already have a CVS Tips and Tricks page, aimed at a fairly low level but covering both simply checking out code and committing it. If this Etiquette page focuses on what I think Richard's original intention was (handling CVS commits and maintenance so as to keep the build system in good order), then I think it will complement the Tips and Tricks page perfectly. However some of this page (for example "Useful Tips") seems to belong more to the Tips and Tricks page than the original idea of this page. If this page is to cover virtually everything about using CVS with shell access, then I think it should be renamed and the Tips and Tricks page may have to be adjusted to cover only user anonymous access? I'd prefer this page remained focused on Richard's idea. What are our thoughts? James: I think the final section contents belong on the existing 'tips' page. These are a subsection 'tips for fixing a broken build'? We do want the link from here to there.