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Gale 11Jun08 20:22 UTC: Don't we want to change the instruction so that whenever you are modifying a source code file, get rid of the author names and have the standard text:

Audacity(R) is copyright (c) 1999-2008 Audacity Team.
License: (whatever).  See License.txt.

That way, we'll get them changed over time.

James 04:56, 12 June 2008 (PDT): I'm neutral about it. At some point we will decide that we do want to change all headers, possibly before 1.4 stable release. In that case someone will write a script to do it, so it's actually more work to do it as-we-go.

Gale 30May08 23:19 UTC: We might want to change the ASCII representation of the copyright symbol in the header "(C)" to "(c)", as "(C)" is not correct. It might even be that we should use the word "Copyright" instead, as this Wiki page  suggests even "(c)" is not legally recognised. I'm trying to find out now from SFLC  if that's true, as Vaughan, Dominic and I have been discussing exactly what elements of our intellectual property are coprighted and/or trademarked in order to try and tighten up our declarations and citation requirements. Thanks.