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Q: The default compressor in Audacity Beta doesn't seem to work right. Attack and Delay start at 0.1 and 1.0 seconds, respectively. This is much to long to be practical. Moving the sliders all the way to the left seems to give good results, so I don't think the numbers are right.

  • Gale: If you believe the attack/decay times applied are not as stated on the sliders, please write to our feedback address with the evidence (images etc.). If you would like to request shorter times, please do so in the Compressor section in Feature Requests.

Q: The Noise Floor control doesn't have a good explaination. Is this an expander?

  • Gale: In certain cases below the noise floor, yes. For example, if the compressor is set to RMS and "Make up gain" is off, then sounds below the noise threshold may become quieter, but this depends on whether the level is rising or falling. This is too complex to put in the Manual but I have just tweaked it so please take a look.

    Better to ask on the Forum if you have more questions.